Get a Better Look at Ripper Street, Premiering in America This Weekend

BBC One’s new crime drama Ripper Street makes its way across pond this weekend to BBC America, giving US viewers a chance to see the gripping, often grisly, period drama for themselves.

The eight-part series stars Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn and Adam Rothberg (among others) and is set in London’s  ll focus on the investigations of the H Division of the London police department and their attempts to battle crime and keep the peace in the East End. It premieres Saturday at 9pm on BBC America and I can’t imagine I’m the only Anglophile out there who is curious to check it out.

Watch the opening scene from the gritty looking new thriller under the cut – and let me know what you think, does this look like something you’d watch? Or does it cross the line into too dark?

The opening moments of Ripper Street do a great job of setting up the series’ atmosphere (which is pretty dark), general level of creepiness (which is pretty high) and even manages to fit a murder into the first two minutes.

It’s intriguing enough to make you want to watch again, though – and even in this brief clip, there’s a satisfying level of tension and urgency - even though we know that the Ripper will never return to Whitechapel, our main characters don’t. 

It’s also just super nice to see Matthew Macfadyen starring in something again! And the coat is pretty swish.

Want to see more? Have a look at another trailer: 

What say you, folks? Curious about this one? Or have you had quite enough of the Ripper for a while?



Lacy Baugher

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