David Tennant’s New Podcast is Exactly What We Need in 2019

David Tennant, Olivia Colman and an adorable furry guest on his new podcast (Photo: Acast)

Former Tenth Doctor David Tennant announced this week that he’s launching a new podcast and even though everyone and their brother pretty much has a podcast right now, it’s pretty hard not to be extremely excited about this news.

Entitled simply David Tennant Does a Podcast With… the series will comprised of a number of interviews between Tennant and various celebrities.       

“It’s pretty low-concept, but so far it’s sounding rather delicious,” Tennant says in the all too brief teaser for the show. “Me and some cool people, talking and stuff on a podcast.”

Low-concept or not, Tennant chatting with folks with his perfect Scottish voice once a week is pretty much exactly what our current, generally terrible world requires at this point.

The mega-popular star of series as Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Jessica Jones and the upcoming Amazon adaptation of Good Omens is no stranger to giving interviews, certainly. And if you’ve ever watched any of his many press junkets, comic convention appearances or other publicity appearances, you are probably already aware of how charming and genuinely funny the man is in conversation. (Plus, his natural accent is incredible, just saying.)

The initial slate of guests Tennant is slated to chat with include a bunch of his former and upcoming co-stars and friends, including Jon Hamm, Samantha Bee, Kristen Ritter, Michael Sheen, Ian McKellen and the current Thirteenth Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker.

Tennant’s Broadchurch co-star – and current Academy Award nominee – Olivia Colman will be the podcast’s first guest, ostensibly to talk about their work together, her Oscar-nominated turn in The Favourite and her upcoming sting on Netflix’s The Crown. (That’s what I’d ask her about, anyway. Call me if you need some conversational tips, DT.)

We loved him as the Doctor, Barty Crouch Jr, DI Alec Hardy, Kilgrave and many more, and now he's the latest addition to the Acast family. David Tennant Does A Podcast With... launches Monday. First up - the Queen herself, Olivia Colman Subscribe now https://t.co/Qk4driQQXl pic.twitter.com/VP0ZHdlZbs

— Acast (@acast) January 23, 2019

David Tennant Does a Podcast With… will officially launch on January 28, and new episodes will be released every Tuesday on Acast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all good podcast providers. It was produced by Somethin’ Else’s podcast division, Sound Directions, in collaboration with David Tennant’s No Mystery and is hosted by Acast.

To what I am sure will be the surprise of no one, I’ve already subscribed. Will you? What would you like to see the Doctor Who star discuss?

Lacy Baugher

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