BBC Thriller 'The Nest' to Premiere on Acorn TV

Sophie Rundle as Emily, Mirren Mack as Kaya and Martin Compston © Studio Lambert and all3media international

Popular BBC relationship thriller The Nest will come to America this summer, courtesy of streaming platform Acorn TV. The five-part series stars Line of Duty's Martin CompstonGentleman Jack's Sophie Rundle and Sex Education's Mirren Mack in a messy, complicated story of family, dreams, and betrayal. 

Compston and Rundle play a wealthy couple with a picture-perfect life in Scotland. Emily and Dan are crazy about each other. They have everything they could possibly want - a huge house in a gorgeous location near Glasgow and plenty of money. All that's missing is a baby - but the pair are struggling to conceive.  And a chance encounter with a young woman named Kaya will change their lives, but perhaps not entirely in the way they expect. 

Kaya is a down-on-her-luck teenager from the wrong side of the tracks, whose life is as difficult and precarious as Emily and Dan's is comfortable. When she agrees to serve as their surrogate, it feels like a gift, as though they were all meant to come into their lives. But was their meeting really by chance? Who is Kaya, really? And what does she want?

Watch the trailer below. 


 “A truly suspenseful thriller exploring love, trust and the cost of being able to buy whatever you want, The Nest features outstanding performances from Martin Compston, Sophie Rundle and newcomer Mirren Mack, alongside a skilfully layered story from the acclaimed Nicole Taylor,Maartje Horchner, the executive vice president of content at All3Media International, said in a statement.

The series has been one of the BBC's most successful offerings of 2020, ratings-wise, and was praised for its gripping plot and surprising twists. 

The Nest will premiere its first two episodes on Actorn TV on Monday, July 13, with a new installment releasing every Monday for the following three weeks.

Will you give The Nest a look? Let's discuss. 

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