Will There Be an 'I Hate Suzie' Season 2?

(Photo: HBO Max)
(Photo: HBO Max)

 I Hate Suzie is a chaotic, genre-shifting ride through one woman's worst nightmare.  The series stars Billie Piper as the eponymous Suzie Pickles, a C-list celebrity whose nude photos are leaked in a worldwide hack. As she processes the impact of this in both her personal and professional life, the series follows her journey through each of the stages of grief, until she reaches something like acceptance, if not peace at the end. 

The ending of the series is something that manages to feel simultaneously like part of a complete whole and also a potentially temporary endpoint in a world that is worth visiting again. But whether that means the story will continue past the show's first season is up in the air. I could see a world where I Hate Suzie is simply a limited series that, for what it is, tells a story that is relatively complete. But it's also fairly easy to imagine another season in which we delve further into Suzie's life and the fallout from her choices toward the end of Season 1. 

But will there be a second season? No one knows for sure. But there are a lot of positive signs. To be clear, nothing has been officially greenlit by Sky, HBO, or any of the companies involved. But, according to the Radio TimesPiper and her co-creator Lucy Prebble are currently discussing ideas for a second season right now. 

And if the pair are at least attempting to map out what Season 2 might look like, that has to mean that the network is at least considering a second outing for the show. And there is undoubtedly still some story to be told - the fallout from the pregnancy test Suzie takes at the end of the finale, "Acceptance," how she might manage her career and her life while her best friend Naomi is on an extended trip to Iran, what becomes of her career in the wake of, well, everything that happened in Season 1.

Would you like to see another season of I Hate Suzie? Why or why not? Let's discuss in the comments.