Welsh Thriller 'Hidden' Returns for a Second Season This June

(Photo: Acorn TV)
(Photo: Acorn TV) 

The second season of Welsh thriller Hidden will premiere on streaming service Acorn TV this June and will feature an all-new six-episode mystery that may be even darker than its first.

Line of Duty's Sian Reese-Williams and Requiem's Siôn Alun Davies return as DI Cadi John and DS Owen Vaughan to tackle an all-new, season-long investigation in a mining town in the slate-strewn mountains of Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales. 

The series' first season saw Cadi and Owen investigating a murder and missing person case involving a body discovered in a lake in Snowdonia National Park. The victim turns out to be a young woman who disappeared five years prior when she was just sixteen and kicks off a fear of a serial kidnapper.

Now, nine months after the events of Season 1, Cadi and Owen receive their next assignment, courtesy of an anonymous phone call that announces a lonely former local teacher has been found murdered in his bathtub. The man, a chemistry instructor named Geraint Ellis, had something of a shady past of his own, and rumors swirl about the reasons behind his sudden and unexpected retirement. 

As the investigators attempt to figure out what happened, three local teens emerge as suspects - Mia Owen, Connor Pritchard, and Lee Williams. But why? Was Ellis targeted because of his previous sins? Or was he just a teacher attacked by a gang of disaffected teens? The answer involves delving into a world of lies, revenge, cruelty, and neglect.

Watch the trailer for Hidden Season 2 now. 

“Writing the second series of Hidden was a great opportunity to visit one of those small towns and examine a complex cultural and socio-economic setting,” series writer Caryl Lewis said in a statement . “The three young people ricochet through the storyline and commit what seems to be a senseless act of violence. We stuck with the ‘why done it’ formula again this season in order to spend time with our three characters and drill down into their worlds. Among other things, we touch upon young people’s lack of agency; poverty, neglect, political apathy, and abuse, and reflect on the fact that perhaps, in some ways, we all share the blame as a society for the outcomes of these problems.”

For those who haven't watched the show before, the seasons' investigations are largely self-contained, and although you might need to catch up on a little bit of the characters' home lives (such as Cadi's grief over her recently deceased father) most of these elements will be explained again in Season 2.

Hidden Season 2 will premiere on Acorn TV on Monday, June 15 and all six episodes will drop at once. Will you give it a look? Let's discuss in the comments.