'After Life' Will Return for a Third Season on Netflix

(Photo: Netflix)
(Photo: Netflix)

It's official: Ricky Gervais' bleak but strangely heartwarming comedy After Lifewhich just returned for its second season on Netflix last month, has already been renewed for a third.

The news comes as part of an annoucement that Gervais has also been signed to a larger, multi-year overall deal at the streamer, which will see him produce both scripted series and stand-up comedy.

After Life follows the story of Tony, a writer for the local newspaper in the small fictional town of Tambury, whose life collapses following his wife's death from breast cancer. Bitter and depressed, he attemps to push everyone away with his increasingly caustic and rude behavior, but thanks to a variety of charming and memorable supporting characters, including a kind nurse and a friendly widow, he slowly finds his way back to something like life again. 

The series also stars Derek's Kerry Godliman, alongside Downton Abbey alum Penelope WiltonExtras' Ashley Jensen and Vera's Paul Kaye.

Gervais himself announced the renewal news on Twitter. 

"I was planning to retire soon and just wander around the house drunk until I die, but I’ve grown a bit tired of doing that during the lockdown, and also Netflix made me an offer I couldn’t refuse," Gervais also told The Hollywood Reporter.

To be honest, this show seems very much like its not for me - other than original recipe The Office, Gervais' work is usually not to my taste - but clearly it has a lot of fans out there to land news of another renewal so quickly. There's no word of an episode count or airdate yet, but these are early days - and Season 2 has only been out for about three weeks. Plenty of time for that to come later. 

Are you excited about the prospect of more After Life? Am I reading this show completely wrong? Should I try it? Let's discuss.