The Cast Says Goodbye as 'Poldark' Wraps Filming on Final Season

Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson celebrate the end of an era. (Image via BBC)
Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson celebrate the end of an era. (Image via BBC)

The delay in airing Poldark  in the U.S. means the cast has often already gone back to work on filming in Cornwall before the show premieres here. This year was especially bittersweet, as the announcement that the coming Season 5 would be the show's last was confirmed before Season 4 was properly underway on Masterpiece. But all good things must come to an end. (Or at least go off the air for a few years before someone reboots them or makes a sequel.) Now, filming for the final series has come to an end.

The pictures first started cropping up a couple of weeks ago, as each of the characters reached the end of their time on set. But filming didn't officially wrap until last week, with commensurate fanfare.

A few more pictures from the final wrap:

Here are several of the cast members commemorating their last days on set:


Last day on @official_poldark

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Here's Gabrielle Wilde:


That’s a wrap .. so sad to to not be working these wonderful women anymore #poldark #endofanera #bbc #perioddrama

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Eleanor Tomlinson did a throwback post to getting the job of Demelza.

And this lovely one of Ellise Chappell was taken on her last day:

Here's a look at a few more Poldark goodbyes: 

Season 4 of Poldark covered through the events of the seventh book in author Winston Graham's series of novels: The Angry Tide. This is where the original 1970s-era Poldark ended its run. The BBC greenlit one more season, but the next book, The Stranger From The Sea, jumps forward in time by a decade, which would require aging up the characters in order to continue the story. Star Aidan Turner has been adamant that he does not want to do this. So Season 5 will go "off-book," as it were, and create material covering events that happened in the aftermath of Elizabeth's passing.

By doing this, the show does leave The Stranger From The Sea and later books (there are twelve altogether) as material for a reboot or continuation a decade or so down the line, when Turner and company are the right age to come back and film without prosthetic makeup. Writer Debbie Horsfield and producer Karen Thrussell have both said that they are open to more Poldark down the line.

Time will tell if the BBC and PBS think such a reboot is worth it, or if the show will simply begin again with a new cast for a new generation.

Poldark Season 5 is expected to air this fall on PBS Masterpiece.