‘Arthur and George’ to Premiere on Masterpiece This September

The US premiere date has been set for mystery series Arthur and George, a new drama starring Doc Martin’s Martin Clunes as Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The series will air on Masterpiece on PBS stations nationwide beginning Sunday, September 6, at a special time of 8pm.

For the many fans anxiously awaiting new seasons of both Doc Martin and modern-day Holmes drama Sherlock, this announcement should come as good news – of course, it’s not quite the same, but Arthur and George should prove a decent enough way to pass the time for two fanbases who are very accustomed to waiting. 

The three-part drama is based on Juilan Barnes’ acclaimed novel that follows the separate but intersecting lives of two men: a half-Indian son of a vicar who is framed for a crime he may not have committed; and Doyle, who investigates the case. The story is loosely based on a series of intriguing series of real-life events in the author’s life. 

Set in 1903, the story focuses on Conan Doyle’s real-life attempts to clear George Edaliji, an Anglo-Indian solicitor who is serving time in Pentonville Prison after being (falsely) accused of a series of attacks on livestock in Staffordshire that have become known as the The Great Wyrley Rippings

On learning of George’s plight and glimpsing the headlines concerning the animal mutilations, Arthur joins forces with his trusted manservant Alfred “Woody” Wood to challenge this miscarriage of justice. [Insert “The Game is On!” joke here.]

Clunes plays Conan Doyle, joined by The Guilty’s Arsher Ali as Edaliji. Other cast includes Hattie Morahan, Charles Edwards, Art Malik, Emma Fielding and Sandra Voe. 

Watch the ITV trailer for the drama below: 

Arthur & George

Are you planning to tune in to Arthur and George? Mark your calendars for this September!