Period Drama 'Indian Summers' Comes to PBS Stations This Fall

Lavish period drama Indian Summers – which tells the dramatic story of the twilight of British colonial rule in India – has an American airdate!

The nine-part series will begin on Masterpiece this Fall on PBS stations nationwide, starting September 27.

The drama stars Academy Award nominee (and everyone’s favorite Harry Potter parent) Julie Walters as the glamorous doyenne of a group of English socialites living in India in 1932 during the time of the British Raj. The series explores the collision of the high-living English ruling class with the local people agitating for Indian independence. As the drama unfolds, the two sides alternately clash and merge in an intricate game of power, politics and passion. 

So: Drama! Interestingly, India did not achieve independence until 1947, which is fifteen years after Indian Summers is set. So, no matter what happens this season – which apparently includes some combination of secrets, promises, politics, power, sex and love, just to name a few things – it’s likely that there will still be plenty of story to go around in future installments.

Walters heads up an all-star cast that features familiar faces such as fellow Potter alum Henry Lloyd-Hughes, The Borgias’ Jemima West, Bedlam’s Nikesh Patel, Lilette Dubey, Mr. Selfridge’s Alexander Cobb, Craig Parkinson, Fiona Glascott and many more.

Descriptions of most of the major characters and how they relate to one another are available, if you’re curious. Sounds interesting!

Get a look at the Channel 4 trailer for Indian Summers below: 

Indian Summers | Coming 2015 | Channel 4

It certainly has something of a The Jewel in the Crown meets Downton Abbey feel to it, don’t you think?

Think you’ll be marking your calendars for Indian Summers this Fall?