LOOK: Photos from ‘Sherlock’ Series 3 Premiere ‘The Empty Hearse’

Well, it would seem that when your fanbase has to wait two years for new material, it’s pretty much right and proper to provide them with a ton of it when you have the chance.

This seems to be the philosophy being adopting regarding the new series of everyone’s favorite mystery drama Sherlock, which (FINALLY) returns to our television screens next month in both the UK (January 1) and US (January 19). There have already been a ridiculous amount of new extras in the past couple weeks, including a hearse-related promotional announcement, new behind the scenes pictures, a new teaser trailer, and the announcement of a holiday prequel mini-episode. But, now it’s time to really steel your nerves. With the premiere(s) inching ever closer, there’s been a positive flood of promotional photos from a variety of sources over the past several days, and it’s possible you’re going to need to sit down for a minute.

But we’re okay with it. Really we are. We promise.

Click through for a long-awaited look at the new season that includes  pretty much every major cast member – including Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Rupert Graves, Una Stubbs and Louise Brealey – as well as a new face you might recognize.

The best part of all of this is that all these new images are from the Series 3 premiere The Empty Hearse, which means that we can probably expect a similar batch of goodies themed to The Sign of Three and His Last Vow when those episodes get closer.

Look, the boys (and the deerstalker!) are back! 

And they look pretty angsty! 

Apparently we’re in for a lot of angsty staring this season? 

John Watson has apparently decided to cope by way of some terrible statement facial hair. 

Lestrade, it would appear, has also spent some time during the Great Hiatus freshening up his look. (We love the new hair, Rupert Graves!) 

Sherlock, as you can see, did not let a thing like being dead impact his sense of style. 

Molly just looks really stressed out. 

While Mrs. Hudson rather looks like she’s seen a ghost:

Also, we get a look at Amanda Abbington as new addition Mary Morstan (who, well, if you know Sherlock Holmes at all, you know who she is.) 

It looks as though she’s somehow involved with the mystery of The Empty Hearse, or at least enough to be out and about with Sherlock. Curiouser and curiouser. 

What do you think? Excited yet? 

If you need to see more from The Empty Hearse, there are even more photos over at the official BBC One Tumblr

Photo Credit: All photos: Courtesy of (C)Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films 2013 for MASTERPIECE