WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Tribute Trailer Released and It’s Basically Everything


Fifty years of Doctors. (Photo: BBC)
We’re all counting down the seconds, basically, until November 23, 2013, the official 50th anniversary of beloved sci-fi series Doctor Who and the highly anticipated broadcast of special episode The Day of the Doctor which stars Matt Smith, brings back Tenth Doctor David Tennant and former companion Billie Piper, and introduces John Hurt as….whoever John Hurt is playing.

The BBC has released a specially made tribute video in celebration of their iconic series’ special milestone and it’s (to steal a word from my Doctor), fantastic. It would appear that they’re calling it a “tribute” trailer because it doesn’t actually contain any new footage, merely a very clever montage featuring various classic Doctors frozen in time with a dramatic voiceover from Smith.

It’s also worth noting that this is not the trailer that screened at the Doctor Who panel at Comic Con in July – which did have actual footage, and which I deeply hope will see the light of day at some point very soon.

However, this trailer is still well worth a watch. It’s gorgeous to look at – and for fans, oddly emotional,  in a strange way as we pass through the many Doctors of the past. Trying to spot all eleven doctors in the trailer is fun game – and there are bonus glimpses of companions like Elisabeth Sladen’s Sarah Jane and everyone’s favorite tin dog, K-9. Though, really, I can’t figure out where Patrick Troughton is in this, so someone might need to point that out for me.

Watch for yourselves below: 

The Day of the Doctor - 50 year trailer - #SaveTheDay - Doctor Who - BBC

Ugh, it’s sooo good. And it doesn't even really show us anything! 

The Day of the Doctor will air in an unprecedented global simulcast on November 23 to help fans worldwide avoid spoilers. Here in the US, it will transmit on BBC America, likely in the early afternoon, so start making your plans for a Saturday at home now.

What do you think of the new trailer? Excited for the 50th anniversary special?