Telly Visions in London!

A quick housekeeping note – I’m headed off to London for the next week to see a bunch of theater, do a spot of shopping and have a proper geek out in Anglophile heaven.  Try not to miss me too much.

I’m super excited, obviously, and plan to take a lot of pictures and do a lot of dorky things that I’m sure you all will enjoy. I’ll do my best to post ant relevant and/or awesome photos as I can – though Twitter is the most likely home for them until I get back.

So, if the blog is a bit quiet for the next week, this is why.  The next recap for Mr. Selfridge will still go up next week, but other than that there probably won’t be much around here. Have a great week and please tweet me if anything exciting happens in the world of British TV!

Oh, and if you have any suggestions of things I ought to make sure to do in London, please let me know!