Random Photo Time: Cute Behind-the-Scenes Shot From Sherlock Series 3 Filming

Speedy’s Café is the real life restaurant that resides next door to the fictional 221b Baker Street on Sherlock. The folks that work there are quite active on Twitter, are very friendly and seem to have loved the explosion of popularity that the worldwide success of the show has brought to the doorstep of their shop. As is evidenced by the photo they shared last week from the first round of London location filming on Series 3.

Yeah, that’s star Benedict Cumberbatch and new (recurring?) cast member Amanda Abbington hanging out having a morning cuppa (though I suspect that’s actually coffee, she said, applying the deductive skills learned from watching too many hours of this show) in the real life version of the shop that’s been on the show already as itself. It’s a bit extra meta, maybe, but the picture’s still cute.

This is what these long hiatus-es do to us, folks. This right here. We get excited about the starts getting breakfast. By the time we get round to Series 4, I imagine most of us will have devolved into discussing their preferred styles of dry cleaning. (Possibly this is an argument someone should put to the powers that regarding the ill effect that such a long wait for new episodes has on the general population, hmmmmm? Oh, well, a girl can dream.)

Personal aside: I’m off to London in a couple of weeks and I promise to not only take a ton of pictures, I will also try all the Sherlock-themed food at Speedy’s and report back on what bits are the best. (This is a terrible hardship, I can assure you.) They currently have Sherlock Holmes and John Watson-themed wraps, and apparently also does make an excellent cup of tea, so I’m told. Plus, you can’t beat the neighborhood….