First American Trailer for Being Human Series 4!

Having just kicked off its fourth season in the UK, Being Human returns to televisions here in the United States beginning Saturday, February 25.

BBC America has just released the first promo for Series 4 and the way that they’ve chosen to frame up the new season is quite interesting, given the rather extensive behind-the-scenes changes happening to the show this year. Surprisingly, this approach actually sort of works for me, precisely because the tone is a bit unexpected.  So, click through and have a look for yourself!

Created by Toby Whithouse, Being Human chronicles the story of three supernatural beings – a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost – who share a flat (and then a house) together. Original cast members Russell Tovey and Leonora Critchlow will be joined by new face Damien Molony and former guest star Michael Socha for the fourth season.


Also, from the things I had no idea about, but now feel so stupid that I didn’t realize files, Michael Socha, who plays young werewolf Tom, is the brother of actress Lauren Socha, who plays Kelly on E4's Misfits. And now that I’ve noticed that, I can’t stop noticing. Though how on earth I missed the connection with that accent…