Beecham House

'Beecham House': Episode 5 Recap

(Photo: Courtesy of MASTERPIECE)

In the penultimate episode of Beecham House, it’s more obvious than ever that someone somewhere expected this series to get another season. Because with just one more episode to go after this one, the show is busily expanding stories rather than wrapping them up, and it feels all the more frustrating because it’s so clear we’ll never see them all concluded satisfactorily.

'Beecham House': Episode 2 Recap

(Photo: Courtesy of MASTERPIECE)

Beecham House is so frustrating precisely because it should be good. On paper, it’s a story that hasn’t really be done before, set in a period we rarely get to see in shows like this. In actuality, however, it’s a trope-filled retread with tremendously dull storytelling, generally unlikeable characters and a chaotic plot that is so messy I can’t even summarize it easily.