Tom Hollander

'Us' Part Two Recap

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Drama Republic and MASTERPIECE

As Us concludes, Douglas finally locates Albie and begins to repair their strained relationship. But will his resolve to keep his family together be enough to change Connie's opinion about the state of their marriage?

'Us' Part One Recap

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Drama Republic and MASTERPIECE

In the first installment of Us, Connie blindsides her husband by announcing that their marriage has run its course. The couple agrees to go on a planned European Grand Tour for one last hurrah before their son Albie heads off to university, but Douglas has plans to win back his family.

British Actors You Should Know: Tom Hollander

While you may not know his name, I would wager most of you recognize the diminutive bloke with the dog collar in the center of the photo to your left. Don’t let his stature deceive you because at 5’5”, Tom Hollander is probably one of the most talented actors of any height working today. He’s played proper villains, spies, royalty, politicians and clergymen. He can menace and belittle with the best of them and then in the blink of an eye be as bumbling and endearing as you please. His secret weapon is his unpredictability and he uses it to great effect.

A working film and TV actor since the early 1990s, the demand for Hollander’s dramatic and comedic skills seems to increase with every passing year. And each time I see him on the screen, big or small, I know I’m in for a quality performance.

Let’s look at a brief sampling of Hollander’s work below and perhaps you’ll get a better idea of what I mean.