Merlin Season 5

The End of an (Arthurian) Era: Preview the Merlin Series Finale

Welp, the end is indeed nigh. For many fans of fantasy drama Merlin, the holiday season will be a bit bittersweet this year, as the popular series wraps up its five year run this Christmas with a two-part special called The Diamond of the Day.

It was a somewhat unexpected cancellation, from what I’ve been given to understand – and it seems fans are still processing it a bit (or at least it does from my quick glance around the internet at any rate). However, this just-released trailer for the series finale looks pretty fantastic, so it’s a bit comforting that it appears as though the series will at least go out on a high note. Not a lot, but, you know, some.

The clip features Morgana preparing for war on Camelot - again, apparently? – bolstered by a vengeful looking Mordred and some sort of magical-looking sword. We’ve also got Gaius sounding dire, Arthur riding with the knights whilst looking exceptionally somber and kingly, a Merlin who may have lost his magic and the Great Dragon swooping in to light something or other (that may or may not actually be the aforementioned pack of knights) on fire.

Merlin to End with a Two-Part Special This Christmas


Sadly, the current series of fantasy drama Merlin is going to be the show’s last. After five series, the BBC’s youthful retelling of the Arthurian legend will wrap things up with what the producers call a “natural and dramatic” ending in a two-part Christmas special finale.

Creators Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy insist that the plan was always for Merlin’s story to wrap up in five series, but multiple factors – including the drama's ratings success and the fact that we’re four and a half series into it and Arthur still doesn’t know about the stupid magic – made it appear as though there was certainly more life to be had in the franchise. (At one point there were talks about a possible Series 6, as well.) Series 5 of Merlin doesn’t even air here in America until January on Syfy (preview); I hope that the Christmas finale will be tacked on to the end of the US broadcast so we’ll at least get to see everything up to the end in one go.

Get a Longer Look at Series 5 of Merlin with a Dramatic New Trailer

Fantasy drama Merlin returns to BBC One today for its fifth season and for those of us who have to wait a few months for the new episodes here in America, well at least we can get a longer look at what the new series has in store for us with this new extended trailer.

There’s some footage here that we saw in the series’ first teaser earlier this Fall, but there’s a ton of new scenes featured, with every main character and quite a few secondary ones popping up all over the place. There’s also lots of sword fighting, prophecy, knights, chases, magic and more - it’s a very exciting couple of minutes. It’s certainly more than enough to get you excited for the series’ return. Click through and take a look for yourself!