David Tennant

'Deadwater Fell': Episode 1 Recap

David Tennant and Matthew McNulty in "Deadwater Fell" (Photo: AcornTV)

If you’re looking for a pleasantly escapist drama during these dark times, I am here to tell you that Deadwater Fell is not that show.

It’s certainly a compelling series – dark and difficult, with great performances and a deeply murky and uncomfortable central mystery – but it’s not what you could under any circumstances call light. Obviously, I think it’s worth watching, or I wouldn’t be here telling you about it, but forewarned is forearmed and all that.

David Tennant to Play Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen in New ITV Drama

David Tennant rocking serial killer nightmare hair in "Des" (Photo: ITV)

Former Doctor Who star David Tennant has been playing all sorts of roles since he left the TARDIS nearly a decade ago now. From a snarky, but soft-hearted demon in Good Omens to a mind-controlling monster in Jessica Jones and a tortured detective in Broadchurchwe already know he can pretty much do anything. And his newest role seems determined to test that theory.