'The Buccaneers' Renewed for Season 2

Alisha Boe, Josie Totah and Imogen Waterhouse in "The Buccaneers"

Alisha Boe, Josie Totah and Imogen Waterhouse

(Photo: Apple TV+)

Apple TV+ has officially renewed its colorful period drama The Buccaneers for a second season. 

Based on Edith Wharton's final unfinished novel, the story follows a squad of wealthy American heiresses who journey to England in the hopes of making good marriages and maybe even snagging a title or two. But the heart of the story is the complex relationships between the young women at its center, whose bonds are allowed to be as rich, messy, and necessary as any romance. 

The series' first season ended in dramatic style, with Nan confessing her love to Guy Thwarte but choosing to marry Theo and become the Duchess of Tintagel in a bid to help her sister Jinny escape an abusive marriage. Elsewhere, Mabel and Honoria declare their feelings for one another and vow to live their lives together, while Conchita's husband Richard learns that he'll have to abandon his plans to start over with his wife away from his family because his father is dying and he's about to have to take over his peerage. (Also, Conchita's father has lost all their family's money, which will surely be an issue Season 2 needs to address.)

“It’s been a complete thrill to watch people all over the world fall in love with these characters, who’ve been brought to such vibrant life by our spectacular cast,” series creator Katherine Jakeways said in a statement. “We know season one left audiences desperate to know what’s next for our buccaneers, so I’m absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to explore the further adventures of this smart, joyful, messy sisterhood.”

All the series' main cast is returning for Season 2, including Kristine Frøseth (The Assistant) as Nan St. George, Alisha Boe (13 Reasons Why) as Conchita Closson, Josie Totah (Saved by the Bell) as Mabel Elmsworth, Aubri Ibrag (Dive Club) as Lizzy Elmsworth and Imogen Waterhouse (Nocturnal Animals) as Jinny St. George. 

“The irreverence and wit of The Buccaneers charmed global audiences and we’re excited to be working with Katherine Jakeways and The Forge again on the next adventure for Nan and her friends,” said Jay Hunt, creative director, Europe, Apple TV+.

The ensemble cast also includes Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) as Mrs. St. George, Mia Threapleton (Shadows) as Honoria Marable, Josh Dylan (Noughts + Crosses) as Lord Richard Marable, Guy Remmers (Lessons) as Theo, Duke of Tintagel, Matthew Broome (Scandaltown) as Guy Thwarte and Barney Fishwick (Living) as Lord James Seadown.

The Buccaneers features an all-female creative team led by Jakeways, who also wrote the show. Season 1 was directed by BAFTA winner Susanna White (Bleak House), with Jakesways and Beth Willis (Doctor Who) serving as executive producers. The series is produced for Apple TV+ by The Forge Entertainment.

There's no timeline as yet on when we might expect to see the series' second outing, but some time in the back half of 2024 feels like a fairly safe bet. Season 1 of The Buccaneers is currently streaming on Apple TV+.

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