WETA UK is Almost Here! Get the Details on Our Special Premiere Weekend Schedule Now

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We’re officially under 48 hours until the launch of our new all-British channel WETA UK this weekend. I am so excited for this, you guys don’t even know. (Or maybe you do know, as I don’t think that I’ve been terribly subtle about my epic joy over this since we announced it.)

Anyway, to celebrate the launch of the new channel, there’s some special programming going on for the majority of the weekend, which I think some of you may want to check out. WETA UK will officially go live at midnight tomorrow night/12am Saturday morning. We’ll be kicking things off with the pilot episodes of 28 series in the line-up airing back-to-back-to-back. The June 2 schedule actually features 20 straight hours of pilot eps once it gets underway – and that’s before we do it all again on Sunday (get full details on that below).

This way, you can all sample a wide variety of the types of series WETA UK will offer, see what you like and plan your coming week accordingly. (Personally, I don’t think my DVR is equipped to handle this in any way, but I’m going to make a valiant effort.) The full schedule will go live on wetauk.org late tomorrow, so you can see when things will be airing in their regular timeslots. Or you can just shoot me your questions all weekend long and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

Click through for a look at the full Premiere Weekend pilot marathon schedule for both Saturday and Sunday and start getting your viewing plan of attack ready now.

Seriously. SO. Excited!

June 2 pilot schedule

 12:00 am: Primeval
  1:00 am: Doctor Who
  2:00 am: Red Dwarf
  2:30 am: Fawlty Towers
  3:00 am: 'Allo 'Allo!
  3:30 am: Are You Being Served?
  4:00 am: Black Books
  4:30 am: Coupling
  5:00 am: Hustle
  6:00 am: Waking the Dead
  7:00 am: All Creatures Great and Small
  8:00 am: Lark Rise to Candleford
  9:00 am: Born and Bred
 10:00 am: Ballykissangel
 11:00 am: Monarch of the Glen
 12:00 pm: Antiques Roadshow BBC
 12:30 pm: As Time Goes By
  1:00 pm: To the Manor Born
  1:30 pm: Robin Hood
  2:30 pm: My Hero
  3:00 pm: Chef!
  3:30 pm: Outnumbered
  4:00 pm: Last of the Summer Wine
  4:30 pm: Good Neighbors
  5:00 pm: Waiting for God
  5:30 pm: The Vicar of Dibley
  6:00 pm: MI-5
  7:00 pm: New Tricks

The very first WETA UK movie, Place of Execution, follows at 8:00pm, but we’ll run through many of the series’ pilots again starting at 10:30pm through 4pm the next day, albeit in a different order this time.

10:30pm: Antiques Roadshow BBC
11:00pm: Hustle
12:00am: Coupling
12:30am: Black Books
  1:00am: Are You Being Served?
  1:30am: ‘Allo, ‘Allo!
  2:00am: Fawlty Towers
  2:30am: Red Dwarf
  3:00am: Doctor Who
  4:00am: Primeval
  5:00am: New Tricks
  6:00am: Vicar of Dibley
  6:30am: Waiting for God
  7:00am: Good Neighbors
  7:30am: Last of the Summer Wine
  8:00am: Outnumbered
  8:30am: Chef!
  9:00am: My Hero
  9:30am: Robin Hood
  10:30am: To the Manor Born
  11:00am: As Time Goes By
  11:30am: Antiques Roadshow BBC
  12:00pm: All Creatures Great and Small
  1:00pm: Ballykissangel
  2:00pm: Waking the Dead
  3:00pm: Lark Rise to Candleford

The regular schedule for WETA UK will go into effect starting at 4pm with an episode of EastEnders and the primetime block for Sunday night will include Fawlty Towers, Primeval, Doctor Who, and Red Dwarf.

I’ve my personal must-watch list of both old favorites (Doctor Who, MI-5, Coupling) and new-to-me series I want to check out (Red Dwarf, Lark Rise to Candleford, Monarch of the Glen and New Tricks) ready to go. How about you all? What do you want to try out first once WETA UK is live?


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