'We Are Lady Parts' Season 2's Trailer Is Here to Rock Your World

Faith Omole as Bisma, Sarah Kameela Impey as Saira, Lucie Shorthouse as Momtaz, and Juliette Motamed as Ayesha are not impressed in 'We Are Lady Parts' Season 2

Faith Omole as Bisma, Sarah Kameela Impey as Saira, Lucie Shorthouse as Momtaz, Anjana Vasan as Amina, and Juliette Motamed as Ayesha in 'We Are Lady Parts' Season 2

Saima Khalid/Peacock

The Lady Parts are entering their villain era. After far too long away from our screens, the Channel 4-Peacock series, We Are Lady Parts, about a group of U.K. Muslim students who put together a punk band and discover where their voices lie, returns for a second season just in time for the summer of 2024. After Season 1's breakthrough success, the girls have been on tour; they've seen the fans, and they know they're real. The next step toward world domination is to record an album. Sounds easy, right? But like everything, the hidden costs have a way of sneaking up.

Channel 4 originated the series as a standalone one-off in 2018. It proved so popular that it commissioned a full season, which the then-still-in-development streamer Peacock signed on to co-produce and debut in 2020 at launch. But like everything in 2020, delays pushed the show back, and it wound up lost in the deluge of delayed series that arrived in 2021. Luckily, a slew of award nominations in the U.K. followed, including the Rose d'Or Emerging Talent Award, and a second season was commissioned.

Season 1 kicked off with Amina, a microbiology PhD student, who finds herself recruited as Lady Parts' new guitar player. Upon joining the band, audiences are treated to a smorgasbord of progressive representations of the different types of modern-day Muslim women and the cultural mishmash encompassed therein. Season 2 promises to continue to expand on that cultural reality, especially as the Lady parts find themselves confronted with a brand new rival who is stealing their songs: Second Wife.

Here’s the official synopsis for the show’s second season:

Season 2 sees the band return with a renewed artistic mission after the high of their first UK tour, only to find a rival band threatens their delicate status quo. As the reality of chasing success sets in, Lady Parts embark on recording their first album, juggling personal ambitions and deciding whether ‘making it big’ is really what they wanted.

The series brings back the Fab Four with Anjana Vasan (Killing Eve) as lead guitarist Amina Hussain, Sarah Kameela Impey (Vera) as vocalist Saira, Juliette Motamed (Halo) as drummer Ayesha, Faith Omole (Endeavour) as bassist Bisma, and Lucie Shorthouse (Bulletproof) as the band’s manager Momtaz. Co-stars include Zaqi Ismail (Doctor Who), Aiysha Hart (A Discovery of Witches), David Avery (The Night Manager), Shobu Kapoor (DI Ray), and Sofia Barclay (Ted Lasso). 

Season 2 introduces Bradley Banton (Rogue Heroes), Kimani Arthur (Boiling Point), and Eman Alali (Transparent) as the new rival band Second Wife. Guest stars for Season 2 include Malala Yousafzai and Meera Syal.

Series creator Nida Manzoor wrote and directed all six episodes of the show’s second season. Manzoor and her siblings Shez Manzoor (who also scored the show), Sanya Manzoor, and Benni Fregin wrote all the show's songs and adapted all the cover songs. She executive produces the series with Surian Fletcher-Jones, Tim Bevan, and Eric Fellner for Working Title Television. The series is a joint production between Channel 4 and Peacock.

All six episodes of We Are Lady Parts Season 2 stream on Peaock starting Thursday, May 30, 2024.


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