Watch: Patrick Stewart Plays Every Single Person You Hate on a Flight

Patrick Stewart being perfect in a Jimmy Kimmel Sketch (Photo: ABC)
Patrick Stewart being perfect in a Jimmy Kimmel Sketch (Photo: ABC)
It’s already well established that Sir Patrick Stewart is basically a perfect human being, as evidenced by his hilarious Christmas videos, amazing Halloween costumes, and staunch support for American democracy, not to mention his epically glorious friendship with fellow fantastic Brit Sir Ian McKellen.

So, you’d probably be forgiven for thinking that there’s literally no way he could get more awesome. Well, you’d be wrong about that. 

Stewart appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past Tuesday (January 13) to take part in a sketch that dramatized a recent Expedia poll asking flyers to name the most annoying types of airline passengers. Rather than simply read the list of top ranking in-flight offenders, Steward acts out all the various roles in all their irritating glory.

These include such notable horrors as the “Chatty Charlie” who won’t stop talking to you throughout your flight (this is the person that always sits next to me), the “Sneaky Snacker” who has smuggled some particularly foul-smelling food on board via their carryon, the “Seat Climber” who threatens to crush you every time they get up to go to the bathroom, and several more.

It is, in short: hilarious. I have given up believing that there’s anything this man can’t do.

Watch for yourselves below: 

Trendy and/or fun airline safety videos seem to be all the rage now.

Maybe some forward thinking airline should get Stewart to act out all the parts in their next one? I’d definitely watch, is all I’m saying. 

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