Sir Patrick Stewart Wins at Christmas

Sir Patrick Stewart and his amazing Christmas hat. (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube)
Sir Patrick Stewart and his amazing Christmas hat. (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube)
Okay, fine - technically Christmas is over. However, thanks to the internet, we're able to keep the holiday spirit alive and well for days after the presents are opened and the egg nog consumed.  Which, thank goodness, becuase otherwise we'd miss out on utter gems like this video, which is basically the best present that the web could possibly provide for us this holiday season. 

It is, basically, watching acting legend Sir Patrick Stewart crack up while wearing a dancing, musical Christmas elf hat. His reaction to the antics of his hat is so great, you'll be hard pressed to keep yourself from smiling as well. (And also you may start wondering where on earth such a horrific energetic Christmas accessory came from. No, seriously. Where?)

This amazing video, entitled "Sweet Hat Bro", was recorded by the iconic actor's wife Sonny Ozell and uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday. It's up to you whether the best part of the clip is the acutal antics of the hat itself, or Stewarts's slow, inexorable meltdown as it just keeps going and going and going. 

Watch for yourselves below: 

So, Patrick Stewart is just the best thing ever, yeah? I seriously can't stop watching this. 

Luckily, Stewart is apparently the best sport in the world, since he tweeted out this video himself to his 1.6 million Twitter follower with a "Merry Christmas" wish. (It certainly helped make *my* holiday.)

What do you think of this? How cool is Sir Patrick? 

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