Watch: Benedict Cumberbatch Does Impressions of Literally Everyone

Benedict Cumberbatch making a Tom Hiddleston face. (Photo: MTV)
Benedict Cumberbatch making a Tom Hiddleston face. (Photo: MTV)
If Benedict Cumberbatch seems to be a bit more, well… everywhere than usual of late, that would be because he’s been out doing the press rounds for the impending release of his buzzy Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game. (Which, if you haven’t watched the trailer for that yet, you can do so right here – and you really should it’s going to be equally everywhere this awards season).

This has led to a veritable avalanche of Cumberbatch-related print interviews, video snippets and Q&As on various social media platforms. It’s so much that even the most die-hard Cumber-enthusiast (such as myself) may have had a hard time sifting through the lot of it. That’s why it’s important to distill all this down to the essentials – which is exactly what this video is. It is awesome and it will make your day.

Cumberbatch is somewhat known for his skill at impressions, so it’s not much of a surprise that MTV’s Joshua Horowitz asked the Sherlock actor to do his best “imitation game” (yes, we all see what you did there, MTV, bad dum tiss) for him during a recent interview session.  He sets him a time limit of one minute, and a challenge to do as many celebrity impressions as possible within that timeframe.

Of course, the Sherlock star is shockingly good at this, powering through 11 different famous celebs of the moment, including John Malkovitch, Alan Rickman, Sean Connery Matthew McConaughey, Taylor Swift (?!?), Tom Hiddleston and more. 

Watch for yourselves below – I promise it’s sixty seconds well spent.   Yeah, it’s pretty fabulous, right?

I’m just going to chalk the Taylor Swift thing up to jet lag or something because that is kiiind of strange. But also kind of awesome. 

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