The 'Van der Valk' Season 2 Trailer Takes Us Back to Amsterdam

Marc Warren and Mamie McCoy in "Van der Valk" Season 2 (Photo:  Courtesy of © Company Pictures, NL Films & A3MI)

MASTERPIECE Mystery! "Van der Valk" Season 2 Episode One, “Plague in Amsterdam” Sunday, September 25, 2022; 9-11pm ET on PBS Dutch detective Van der Valk is called in to investigate the grisly and theatrical murder of a lawyer. As a cryptic note discovered within her jacket alludes to further murders, Van der Valk and his team must race to uncover the truth before the killer can strike again. Shown from left to right: Maimie McCoy as Lucienne Hassel and Marc Warren as Piet Van der Valk For editorial use only. © Company Pictures, NL Films & A3MI


The Masterpiece-produced reboot of classic 1970s mystery Van der Valk is finally set to return to PBS for a second season this fallSeason 2 will kick off on PBS two years after the Season 1 finale premiere, beginning its three-episode run on the final Sunday in September. And if the trailer promoting its return is anything to go by, the new season will build on the emotional revelations of its first, digging deeper into the contrasting worlds of Amsterdam and the inner workings of its bad-tempered lead detective. 

Season 1 of Van der Valk introduced us to the emotionally scarred Piet Van Der Valk, a talented detective carrying a heavy emotional burden. In last season's finale, we learned his painful backstory through flashbacks: In a high-speed car chase pursuing a corrupt cop, Van der Valk's car was rammed and flipped. Inside, his boss Chief Julia Dahlman was severely injured, while Piet's wife Arlette was thrown from the vehicle and perished. But while he'll never truly be over her loss, Van der Valk's life is slowly starting to move on, thanks to the support of his partner Lucienne and his new role as a mentor to rookie teammate Cloovers.

Watch the Season 2 trailer for yourselves below.


The trailer leans into the dichotomy of Piet Van der Valk, the character: maverick detective, general tortured soul, and epically unprofessional dresser. (His outfits tend to skew more '90s grunge band than serious police officer, but it works for him.) 

The official synopsis describes Season 2 in somewhat vague if generally exciting terms, hinting at the new mysteries Van Der Valk will tackle.

Maverick detective Piet Van der Valk and his team return to face high profile cases and gritty murders that immerse them in contemporary Amsterdam’s contrasting worlds, from artists living as squatters to a philosophy-obsessed serial killer; from the city’s dazzling diamond trade to the dysfunction of its ruling family; and from the vibrant world of classical music to the dark heart of sex trafficking.

Marc Warren (Beecham House) returns in the lead role as Van der Valk, along with Maimie McCoy (All Creatures Great and Small) as his partner, Lucienne Hassell. The rest of the team is also back, with Luke Allen-Gale as Brad de Vries, Elliot Barnes-Worrell as Job Cloovers, Darrell D'Silva as pathologist Dr. Hendrik Davie, and Emma Fielding as the team's boss, Julia Dahlman. Season 2 guest stars include Beatie Edney (Poldark), Julia Akkermans (Dirty Lines), and Sallie Harmsen (Devils).

Van der Valk Season 2 begins Sunday, September 25, on Masterpiece. (But, as always, check your local listings.) Season 1 is currently streaming on PBS Passport

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