Two New Doctor Who Trailers for the Second Half of Series 7

We’re just days away from the return of Doctor Who on BBC One and BBC America on March 30. To celebrate our patience, or perhaps just drive us even crazier with anticipation, two new trailers have been released – one from each network – that are chock full of new footage from the last eight episodes of Series 7.

Spoilers, sweetie: The new season looks awesome

I think I prefer the uber dramatic feel of the BBC trailer (it’s the one on top), but really, there’s no bad here. I am mildly concerned that yet again Clara/Oswin/Whoever is going to be a companion that is obviously just incredibly super special/impossible/a mystery, instead of just an ordinary person experiencing traveling with the Doctor and after Amy Pond that feels kind of exhausting. But, I'm curious enough about her - and invested enough in the answer to the mystery already - that I think I'll be able to deal with it. (I flat out loved the first iteration of this character way back in Asylum of the Daleks, so here's hoping.)

The second half of Series 7 will kick off with The Bells of Saint Johnpenned by none other than Steven Moffat himself. It will be followed by The Rings of Akhaten, Cold War and HideCold War is written by Shelock’s Mark Gatiss, while Luther scribe Neil Cross penned the other two installments. There are actually four more episodes to come beyond these – but this first set of four is the only one we know titles for, officially, at the moment. We do know that another episode from author Neil Gaiman is coming, as well as an ep from Sherlock scribe Steve Thompson. And I believe Gatiss and Moffat have more episodes in there as well. Doctor Who fans – we’re spoiled. We really are. So much talent! 

The back half of Series 7 willl not only feature new companion Jenna-Louise Colema and the mystery of Clara/Oswin/Whoever, the Ice Warriors from classic Doctor Who are set to return, and we'll also see the Cybermen in Gaiman's episode and I don’t think they've been onscreen since back in Series 4, have we? Maybe we’ll get lucky and the Great Intelligence from the Christmas special will be back too. 


Lacy Baugher

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