The Trailer for 'The Crown' Season 2 Promises More Royal Drama

Matt Smith and Claire Foy in an image from "The Crown" Season 2 (Photo: Netflix)


It feels like we’ve been waiting forever, but you can finally see the first trailer for the second season of Netflix’s sumptuous period drama The Crown. 

And just in case you were worried: It definitely does not disappoint. 

The show, based on Peter Morgan’s award-winning play The Audience, aims to tell the inside story of Queen Elizabeth II’s life and reign. Wolf Hall’s Claire Foy and Doctor Who’s Matt Smith will reprise their roles as the queen and her husband, Prince Philip, and the drama’s second season will pick up shortly after the conclusion of Season 1. Opening in 1956 with the Suez Crisis that saw the UK invade Egypt, Season 2 will continue through the scandal that ultimately led to the resignation of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in 1963.

In the new teaser, you can see a few shots of new cast members, including Downton Abbey alum Matthew Goode as society photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, and Michael C. Hall  and Jodi Balfour as President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie.

Watch for yourselves below: 


If that trailer is anything to go by, it looks as though we’ll be learning a lot more about Prince Philip’s background this season. (Though here’s hoping that beard is…not a permanent feature. Yikes.)

Sadly, Season 2 of The Crown will mark the last outing for stars Foy and Smith. The series is ostensibly meant to run for six seasons – and given that it did just nab 13 Emmy nominations, we’re all assuming that’s exactly what will happen – but it doesn’t intend to slather its stars in aging makeup and prosthetics to play the Royal Family as they get older. So Smith and Foy will step down from their roles as the series moves into the mid-1960s, and new more age appropriate actors will take their places. Of course, there’s no news as yet on who the new potential Elizabeth and Philip might be, though fan speculation on the subject has been going on for some time already. (Foy originally told Vulture about her exit from the show back in December of 2016. And to be honest, even though I kind of agree with the move, I’m still not over it. Foy is that good.)

The new season of the critically acclaimed Netflix drama will drop in full on December 8. Just in case you want to get a head start on booking a long weekend off.

Are you looking forward to more of The Crown? (And, more importantly, should we be recapping this show? Inquiring minds are curious.)

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