Take a Look at the Third Season of ‘Morse’ Prequel ‘Endeavour’

Shaun Evans and Roger Allam looking all kinds of dapper in "Endeavour" Season 3 Photo: ITV

MAMMOTH SCREEN FOR ITV ENDEAVOUR SERIES 3 Pictured: ROGER ALLAM as DI Fred Thursday and SHAUN EVANS as Endeavour. This image is the copyright of ITV and is for one use only in relation to Endeavour.

Shaun Evans and Roger Allam looking all kinds of dapper in "Endeavour" Season 3
Shaun Evans and Roger Allam looking all kinds of dapper in "Endeavour" Season 3 (Photo: ITV).

Mystery lovers, rejoice: Endeavour is back for a third season!

The new series of the popular Inspector Morse prequel kicked off in the UK this month although those of us in the US will have to wait a few months to see it for ourselves.

Shaun Evans is back as the young detective Endeavour Morse, who was last seen isolated and languishing in prison, after being framed for the murder of Chief Constable Richard Standish. He had discovered corruption at the very heart of the City Force, but his investigation (obviously) took something of a sinister turn.  Meanwhile, when we last saw Endeavour’s partner, DI Fred Thursday (played by Roger Allam), he had just been shot in the chest. So, you know, there’s kind of a lot going on.

The new season will be set in 1967, and will be once again comprised of four episodes. Lewis creator Russell Lewis – who has written every episode of the series to date – has penned all four of the new installments.

 Watch the Season 3 trailer below which (spoiler alert) is pretty great: 

Two things we need to talk about immediately: Evans’ absolutely amazing new floppy hair and the trailer’s perfect use of The Who’s The Seeker as the backing track. Because they are both fantastic. And if that is the tone we’re going for this season, sign me up right now.

 And I guess the third thing is that DI Thursday must end up okay in the end, because he shows up more than once in this clip. Right? Right.

While the new season is currently airing in the UK, there's no official American airdate set as yet. However, if history is any indication, we can probably expect to see the show return in the US in early Summer.  

Are you excited for more Endeavour?

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