‘Sherlock’ Composers Promise Epic, Tear-Filled Series 3

It's almost time to go back to this address! (Photo: BBC)
It's almost time to go back to this address! (Photo: BBC)
Well, there’s nothing like setting the bar high out of the gate, right?

Sherlock composer Michael Price, along with his partner in crime David Arnold have been putting the finishing touches on the music for the drama’s highly-anticipated third season, and they’re  promising fans an intense ride – at least musically, if nothing else.

Via Twitter, Price has stated that Series 3 will not only contain more strings than ever before, but also more “epicness” and more tears along with it. Probably best to start preparing yourselves now. 

It's time. Sherlock ep3. More strings than ever before. More epicness. More tears. @DavidGArnold pic.twitter.com/Xs9F5mp9dK

— Michael Price (@michael__price) November 11, 2013

Dun dun dunnn… now, do we know whether that means the music or the episodes themselves will make you cry? Unclear? Possibly both?

Loads of entertainment outlets have run with this tweet as confirmation that we’ll all be ripping our hair out by the end of the Series 3 finale – which in all likelihood probably is true – but seems like a bit of a big deduction to make from just one tweet. Of course, both of these gents come from the Steven Moffat school of Torturing Fans By Not Actually Revealing Anything At All, so they’ve basically given away nothing about the new season in all their reports –other than the fact that, you know, the new episodes will contain a score. Shocking twist!

Oh, but it does look as though Sherlock will be doing some violin playing at some point, as Eos Chater is back to stand in for the more complicated bits of playing that star Benedict Cumberbatch – man of many talents, surely, but not exactly a professional violinist – can’t accomplish. 

Last bit of solo violin being recorded for #sherlock S3 by @EosChater pic.twitter.com/ybTW6V7IVK

— DavidGArnold (@DavidGArnold) November 13, 2013

Sherlock Series 3 returns to Masterpiece in the US on January 19. Still no word on a UK airdate, but expect a few weeks prior to American transmission. (Months on, and my money’s still on New Years for the Brits).

What do you think? Are you preparing for emotional devastation? If so, we want your best theories on what the “more tears” bit means – let the speculation fly! 


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