Relationship Drama 'Marriage' to Air on PBS Stations This Fall

Sean Bean as Ian and Nicola Walker as Emma riding the tube in Marriage. 

Sean Bean as Ian and Nicola Walker as Emma in Marriage. 

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Though it appears that while Sean Bean (Time) won't be part of World on Fire when the period drama returns for its second season later this year, fans of the BAFTA winner will still be able to catch him on PBS this Fall. He's starring opposite perennial public television favorite Nicola Walker (Annika) in the relationship drama Marriage, which some of you may have seen when it premiered on PBS Passport earlier this year, but which will finally arrive on PBS in October.

Set over a two-week timeframe, the four-part series explores an intimate portrait of a 30-year relationship --- sometimes funny, sometimes moving, and always revealing. It stars Sean Bean (Time) and Nicola Walker (Annika) as the central couple, Ian and Emma, and follows the pair as they negotiate the insecurities, ambiguities, hopes, and fears that are all part of being intimately connected to the same person for so many years.

 Marriage is one of several new programs that made available to local station members as early streaming opportunities in recent months. (See also Our HouseDI Ray, and Before We Die Season 2, which all also had exclusive streaming windows prior to their broadcast premieres, ranging from anywhere from weeks to months of lead time depending on the property. Marriage will arrive on-air roughly six months after it became available to stream. (Which, all things considered, isn't bad at all.)

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker in "Marriage"

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker in "Marriage"

(Photo: BBC)

Although PBS Passport members have been able to stream Marriage since May, you might need to do a little extra research to determine when it’ll be premiering in your area because the answer might depend on where you live. In theory, Marriage is set to debut on October 5, but many PBS stations have established programming blocks or theme nights on Thursdays and will likely shift the program around their schedules accordingly. What I’m saying is, even more so than usual, please check your local listings to find out the broadcast plans in your area. 

The series is written and directed by Stefan Golaszewski (Mum). The executive producers are Tommy Bulfin for the BBC, Beth Willis and George Faber for The Forge (Roadkill), and Richard Laxton and Stefan Golaszewski for The Money Men.  Lyndsay Robinson (Him and Her) is a producer.

“This is a unique project," Walker said in a statement when the series was first announced. "Stefan has created such a beautiful, funny, and complicated world, and I’m excited to be stepping into Ian and Emma’s marriage with Sean.”

Alongside Bean and Walker, its cast includes James Bolam (New Tricks) as Emma’s father, Gerry; Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Ragdoll) as Emma’s boss Jamie; and Chantelle Alle (Mood) as Ian and Emma's daughter, Jessica.

Marriage will debut on some PBS stations on Thursday, October 5, 2023. It's currently streaming in full on PBS Passport.]

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This is a warm, sometimes funny, sometimes moving look at the need for togetherness.
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