'Miss Scarlet' Casts Tom Durant Pritchard to Replace The Duke In Season 5

Tom Durant Pritchard filming "Miss Scarlet" Season 5

Tom Durant Pritchard filming "Miss Scarlet" Season 5


It looks like Miss Scarlet won’t be solving crimes alone for very long. The rechristened series, which dropped its Miss Scarlet and the Duke title when co-star Stuart Martin left the show earlier this year, has found its new male lead. Actor Tom Durant Pritchard (This is Going to Hurt) is joining the cast as Detective Inspector Alexander Blake for Season 5, which is currently filming. 

DI Blake is a former soldier and respected detective inspector who joins the force at Scotland Yard to replace William “The Duke” Wellington who has gone to serve on a year-long secondment in America. (And, let’s be honest, this new hire probably hints that he’s decided to stay in the States.)

Shortly after he gets his new job, he meets female private investigator Eliza Scarlet (Kate Phillips). But since he apparently has more progressive views about women in the workplace than some of his colleagues, he’s not particularly bothered by her choice of career. Eliza, likely thrilled at the prospect of working with someone who isn’t the odious Detective Phelps (Tim Chipping), assumes his attitude means she’ll get more cases. 

But Blake’s decision not to allow private detectives to aid in his investigations means their relationship gets off to a rocky start. Predictably, however, as they run into each other at various crime scenes, mutual respect begins to form between them and, per the Masterpiece press release, “perhaps even an attraction.” 

“I am thrilled to be joining the team and to become part of the Scarlet family,” Durant Pritchard said in a statement. “Working with Kate has been a dream, and she’s been so welcoming.”

Kate Phillips and Tom Durant Pritchard filming "Miss Scarlet" Season 5

Kate Phillips and Tom Durant Pritchard filming "Miss Scarlet" Season 5

(Photo: Masterpiece)

Given how central the romance between Eliza and William was to the previous four seasons of the show, it may feel more than a bit shocking for viewers that Miss Scarlet has already cast a new potential love interest for her particularly one that bears such a strong resemblance to Martin’s Duke — but we’ll have to see if the show tries to go back to will they / won’t they well immediately, or gives fans a bit more time to grieve. 

“I can’t wait for the Miss Scarlet fans to meet Alexander Blake and see how he and Eliza get along,” Susanne Simpson, Executive Producer of Masterpiece, said in a statement. We’re so fortunate to have found Tom Durant Pritchard—he’s the perfect Inspector Blake.”

In addition to Durant Pritchard and Phillips, the bulk of the series primary cast is back for Season 5, including Evan McCabe (Berlin Station) as Detective Fitzroy, Cathy Belton (Hidden Assets) as Ivy, Felix Scott (Our House) as Patrick Nash, Paul Bazely (Such Brave Girls) as Clarence, Simon Ludders (The Capture) as Mr. Potts, and Tim Chipping (The English Game) as Detective Phelps. 

“Rachael [New] and Ben [Edwards], our talented writers, have crafted yet another captivating character in Alexander Blake, and Tom brings him to life brilliantly,” added Miss Scarlet Limited’s Patty Lenahan Ishimoto. “He is generous with his wit and charm and truly a welcome addition to the team.”

Miss Scarlet Season 5 is currently filming in Serbia, but we’re unlikely to see it on our screens before 2025. 

Seasons 1-4 are currently streaming on PBS Passport, the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel, and pbs.org. 

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