'The Killing Kind' Trailer Is Full of Red Flags (and Umbrellas)

Colin Morgan and Emma Appleton in "The Killing Kind"

Colin Morgan and Emma Appleton in "The Killing Kind"

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With the release date less than.a week away, Hulu has finally dropped a trailer for its newest British import, the crime thriller The Killing Kind

The series, originally a Paramount+ U.K. original, may well have gotten lost in the shuffle of, well, everything that's going on over at its parent company. It was one of the titles that was unceremoniously pulled from the U.K. service earlier this year alongside several others that haven't managed to make their way to the U.S. yet, including The Serial Killer's Wife, The Castaways, and One Night, But, it's now been rescued by Hulu, and even if the promotional strategy around the series is not quite what many of us might have hoped, at least it's finally arriving on our shores. 

Based on Jane Casey’s bestselling novel of the same name, The Killing Kind was originally broadcast in the U.K. in the Fall of 2023. It follows the story of defense attorney Ingrid Lewis, who became romantically involved with a client after successfully defending him from stalking charges. To what is probably the surprise of no one, her relationship with John Webster didn't exactly work out (red flag central), and when things ended between them, he began to stalk her in turn. 

A year later, Webster has suddenly reappeared in Ingrid's life insisting that she's in danger and that he's the only one who can protect her from a deadly killer. And while Ingrid would normally be quite right to ignore the rantings of a person with a history of obsession, when a colleague is killed in a tragic accident that feels an awful lot like it was meant for her, she begins to wonder who she can trust. 

The trailer is tense and visually intriguing, and everyone seems like a threat. Is James telling the truth about the risk to Ingrid's safety? Or is he just looking for a reason to get close to her again? 

Here’s the series synopsis:

As a top-flight barrister, Ingrid Lewis is used to dealing with tricky clients, but no one rivals John Webster – good-looking, successful, and charismatic. Webster was accused of harassment and stalking by an ex-girlfriend, and in court, Ingrid defended him, winning the case. Following the trial, Ingrid got close to Webster – too close – and when she tried to exit the relationship, he turned on her, and her world imploded.

In this thrilling adaptation for the screen, The Killing Kind picks up just as Ingrid is rebuilding her life before a tragic incident occurs, and Webster reappears with a sensational claim, threatening to unravel her life once again.

Emma Appleton (Everything I Know About Love) stars as Ingrid, alongside Colin Morgan (We Hunt Together) as John. They’re joined by Elliot Barnes-Worrell (Van Der Valk) as Ingrid’s ex-fiance Mark Orpen, Kerr Logan (Dead Still) as DS Luke Nash, Sara Powell (Unforgotten) as Ingrid’s mentor, Belinda Grey, and Nicholas Rowe (A Spy Among Friends) as Belinda’s husband and head of Chambers, Angus Grey. The cast also includes Rob Jarvis (Grace), Olivia D’Lima (Death in Paradise), and Sophie Stanton (The Full Monty).

The Killing Kind was co-written by Zara Hayes (Showtrial) and Jonathan Stewart (Meet You In Hell), with Hayes directing three of the series’ six episodes. Chanya Button (Whitstable Pearl) helmed the other three. Casey is the leading executive producer of the series, alongside Hayes and Stewart, as well as Paula Cuddy, Jill Green, and Eva Gutierrez.

The Killing Kind will premiere on Hulu with all episodes on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. 

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