Julian Fellowes' New Series ‘Doctor Thorne’ Comes to America on Amazon Prime

Is it wrong that I think I'm most excited about the costumes in "Doctor Thorne"? (Photo: Courtesy of the Weinstein Company)

Even though many people are probably still deep in their Downton Abbey withdrawal following the conclusion of the show’s run earlier this year, there is hope for those looking for a period drama fix from within the same family. Downton creator Julian Fellowes new series Doctor Thorne, which premiered in the UK earlier this year, is coming to America!

The three-part period drama, now titled Julian Fellowes Presents Doctor Thorne will premiere on Amazon’s Prime Video service beginning May 20

Based on the novel by Anthony Trollope, it follows the story of the titular Doctor Thorne, who lives with his penniless niece, Mary. Mary has grown up alongside the Gresham family, whose house – Greshamsbury Park – dominates the county.  She falls in love with young Frank Gresham, but of course his mother, Lady Arabella, would really prefer he marry a rich heiress from America. (It turns out the Gresham family is pretty broke, and really needs her money to keep their estate.)

Rev’s Tom Hollander stars as Doctor Thorne, and is joined by an ensemble cast that includes Ian McShane, Alison Brie, Rebecca Front, Stefanie Martini and more.

A new two-minute trailer for the drama has been released, which goes a far bit better toward explaining what the series is about than its British counterpart from earlier this year.

Watch for yourselves below: 

In short: This looks posh and fun.

Doctor Thorne’s multilayered storytelling coupled with an outstanding ensemble cast is an exciting addition to our lineup,” said Roy Price, VP of digital video and Amazon Studios. “Prime members have loved having access to Downton Abbey making each season a top-streamed show on Prime Video since 2011, and we hope to make Prime Video the home for even more of Julian Fellowes future projects.”

Amazon’s Prime streaming service has really been getting into the whole British television thing lately – it’s currently the only place you can watch Downton online (outside of your local PBS station’s Passport member benefit service), along with other notable British programs like Doctor Who and Mr. Selfridge. It also recently premiered the second season of popular British comedy Catastrophe.  So, clearly, Amazon knows what’s up.

Will you be giving Doctor Thorne a look? 

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