James Bond 24 Will Be Called ‘Spectre’ and Other Details You Need to Know

It’s official: The 24th installment in the iconic James Bond film franchise has a title, a cast, a car and a release date. The film is to be called Spectre and, of course, Daniel Craig is back for his fourth turn as Agent 007 and he’ll be joined by many returning cast members from his last Bond outing, along with, predictably, a bunch of new faces.

Ralph Fiennes will be returning as the new M, along with Ben Whishaw as Q, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny and Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner.  As far as the new folks go, most notably there’s Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz (Djano Unchained), who has joined the cast as a character called Oberhauser. Plus, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista has signed on as Mr. Hinx, and Sherlock’s Andrew Scott is set to play a new MI-5 agent named Denbigh.

Oh, and the new Bond girls for this outing are Monica Bellucci (The Matrix films) and Lea Seydoux (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol), playing characters named Lucia Sciarra and Madeleine Swann respectively.

They even unveiled Bond’s new car, an especially snazzy looking Aston Martin DB10:

Bond’s new car, the @astonmartin DB10 #SPECTRE pic.twitter.com/cv85x8leuf

— James Bond (@007) December 4, 2014

The officially synopsis for Spectre reads: "A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind Spectre."

That official description is basically a pretty fancy way of giving away absolutely nothing at all, while still making the movie sound exciting as anything. The name Spectre certainly seems to refer to the evil organization led by Bond’s greatest enemy, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Since you may have noticed that name doesn’t belong to any of the new characters we’ve been introduced to so far, it’s probably safe to start speculating who’s got a secret identity. The smart money’s probably on Waltz, whose entire existence screams Bond baddie, but since there were rumors circling the internet as late as yesterday that Sherlock’s Moriarty was about to get to play a Bond villain, you might not want to immediately discard Scott as an option. Oh well, it’ll give us something fun to speculate about during the year we have to wait, I suppose.  

The last James Bond outing, 2012’s Skyfall, was probably the most successful Bond film to date, earning over a billion dollars at the box office and picking up some awards hardware to boot. Happily, Skyfall’s entire creative team is slated to return for Spectre, led by director Sam Mendes. (I know, I know, we shouldn’t forget that Quantum of Solace was a serious hot mess, but Skyfall was just really good, so I’m willing to give this next one the benefit of the doubt.)

You can watch highlights from the Spectre announcement, featuring comments from cast members both new and old: 

[This video is no longer available.]

Filming on Spectre is set to begin next week, and the film is due to hit theaters on November 6, 2015.

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