It’s Official: Doctor Who Series 7 Returns on March 30 on Both Sides of the Pond

It’s official: the second half of Doctor Who Series 7 will premiere on March 30 on both BBC One and BBC America. This means that we’re only a couple of months away from finding out answers to some of the questions posed by Christmas special The Snowmen - most importantly, just what exactly is going on with the mysterious identity of new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character. (Is she reincarnating through time? A particularly pretty robot? An alien? Who knows, but here’s hoping the twist is an interesting one.)

The back half of Series 7 will be comprised of eight episodes, which will include installments from several fantastic writers, including showrunner Steven Moffat, Sherlock scribe Stephen Thompson, Luther creator Neil Cross, and (amazing) fantasy author Neil Gaiman, who penned unforgettable Series 6 episode The Doctor’s Wife, which is maybe my favorite thing this show’s ever done.

As we count down to the show’s landmark 50th anniversary this November, Moffat has promised a “year full of surprises” that will “take over television”. Hopefully, the announcement of the Series 7 return is just the beginning of great things from Whovians worldwide to get excited about.

What would you most like to see happen in Series 7? Any ideas about who (or what) Clara is going to turn out to be? (As long as she's something or someone that is not at all in any way like River Song, I'll be okay. Though, to be honest, I do miss the companions who were just ordinary. Yes, I've been rewatching earlier seasons. Get ready - the Great Doctor Who Rewatch is FINALLY coming. For reals, this time!)


Lacy Baugher

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