'Granite Harbour' To Debut On BritBox in August

Romario Simpson as Davis Lindo and Hannah Donaldson DS Tara ‘Bart’ Bartlett stare across the water in Granite Harbour's key art

Romario Simpson as Davis Lindo and Hannah Donaldson DS Tara ‘Bart’ Bartlett in Granite Harbour's key art


BritBox has scooped up yet another BBC One hit six months after it's original debut. Granite Harbour, a Scottish-set police procedural that's billed as more drama than mystery, first debuted on BBC Scotland in December 2022, followed by a BBC One debut this past spring. The glossy series, featuring the unlikely pairing of an ex-Royal Military policeman and a down-home Scottish police sargent solving the murder of a billionaire, was a rating hit on the far side of the pond. BritBox releasing it as a cold mystery in the doldrums of summer hopefully will do the same over here.

The BBC first commissioned the Aberdeen-based series Granite Harbour in May 2022, with two rising stars, Romario Simpson (best known for Small Axe) and Hannah Donaldson (who PBS viewers will recognize from Annika). U.K. critics initially assumed this was a clone of the Scotland hit Shetland, but in reality, the series is far more like Guilt, a short and sweet series (three episodes in all), filmed in Scotland for a Scottish audience, with BBC One taking second run.

The series is also not based on a pre-existing property but an idea dreamed up by the creative team of Adriel Leff (Moving On) and former Derbyshire police chief Kul Muhay. This is in keeping with several new police dramas out of the U.K., which are either co-created by former members of the U.K.'s various police corps or written in consultation with them.

And here's BritBox's version of the trailer.

Here's the series synopsis:

After completing his tour with the Royal Military Police, Lindo envisions becoming a Scotland Yard detective but instead finds himself training as a Detective Constable in Aberdeen in the northeast of Scotland. Lindo strikes up an unlikely friendship with his mentor, DCI Lara `Bart' Bartlett. The duo soon finds themselves in the middle of a corporate power struggle when a wealthy and notable Aberdonian dies under suspicious circumstances.  

Simpson stars as Lindo, with Donaldson as his mentor/partner DCI Bart. The two co-star alongside Katia Winter (Sleepy Hollow), Michelle Jeram (Liar), Gary Lewis (The Bay), Hiftu Quasem (Ten Percent), Caroline Deyga (Trust Me), Andrew Still (Waterloo Road), Fiona Bell (Kin), and Bhav Joshi (The Diplomat). Gary Williams (Father Brown) directed all three episodes.

Granite Harbour debuts on BritBox with all three episodes on Tuesday, August 1, 2023.


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