Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer Promises a New Doctor and New Adventures

Doctor Who Season 11 key art featuring Jodie Whittaker (Photo: BBC America)

The first full trailer for Doctor Who Season 11 dropped at San Diego Comic Con last weekend, as a massive crowd celebrated the arrival of the first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. The panel also introduced us to several of the Doctor’s new best friends, showed off her new sonic screwdriver, and promised a fresh start for the iconic sci-fi franchise.

Whittaker was joined on the panel by co-stars Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill, along with new showrunner Chris Chibnall and new executive producer Matt Stevens. The new Team TARDIS explained that Season 11 will be easily accessible, featuring new friendships, new adventures, new planets and new monsters to fight.

Watch the Season 11 trailer for yourselves below:


Intriguingly enough, however, the new trailer doesn’t actually contain one very important Doctor Who character: The TARDIS. Given that the famous police box was virtually on fire at the end of Season 10, this is somewhat worrisome. But, since Chibnall and company seem aggressively tight-lipped about any and all plot details regarding the new season, it’s not that shocking. They probably just want to keep any changes to the iconic time traveling machine under wraps.

It’s not like we just…wouldn’t have a TARDIS this year, right? Technically, it’s possible. Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor did spend most of his tenure trapped on Earth, after all. But given that Chibnall has also promised a series of new villains and monsters this year that seems pretty unlikely.

You can watch the full BBC America Comic Con panel for Doctor Who online for more details about what to expect in Season 11:


What did you all think of the first Season 11 trailer? How did you react to your first look at Thirteen? Let’s discuss.

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