Dark Comedy 'Two Weeks to Live' Coming to HBO Max

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The dark comedy Two Weeks to Live, starring Game of Thrones alum Maisie Williams and Fleabag's Sian Clifford, will debut on HBO Max this November.

The series which aired on the U.K. network Sky earlier this Fall received rave reviews from critics, who compared it to the buzzy dark hit Killing Eve. (Which, honestly, is enough of a reason for me to check it out, but just in case you need a few more...)

Two Weeks to Live is the first major television role for Williams since she left the world of Westeros behind. Here, she plays Kim Noakes, a strange twentysomething girl who has spent most of her life living in seclusion in the wilderness with her doomsday prepper mother. She decides to escape from her mother's compound in order to track down the people she believes murdered her father and a strange coming-of-age meets revenge tale begins. 

As Kim explores the world outside her isolated bubble, she meets a pair of brothers, Nicky (Mawaan Rizwan) and Jay (Taheen Modak) during an ill-advised prank at a local pub. and the two find themselves drawn into her bizarre and frequently dangerous quest. 

Fleabag's Clifford plays Tina, Kim's mother, and the series' cast also includes Kerry Howard as Beth, Thalissa Teixeira as Thompson, and Jason Flemyng as Brooks, a series of characters our heroine meets along her chaotic journey.

Watch the trailer for yourselves below.

The six-part limited series was created by Gaby Hull (We Hunt Together, The Dark Mile) and executive produced by Phil Temple (The Last Kingdom, Code 404). Charlotte Surtees also serves as a producer. All six episodes were directed by Al Campbell.

Two Weeks to Live will be available to stream in full beginning November 5 on HBO Max.

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