'Call the Midwife' Renewed For Seasons 10 and 11

Nurse Valerie, Nurse Trixie and Nurse Lucille in Season 8 (Photo: Courtesy of Neal Street Productions)

Great news, Call the Midwife fans! Your favorite 1960s nuns and midwives aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Following the U.K. airing of the Season 8 finale, the BBC announced that the popular period drama has been officially renewed for an additional two seasons!

The medical drama follows the story of a group of nurses and midwives in the economically disadvantaged East End neighborhood of Popular. But Call the Midwife is more than just a story of nurses and doctors, the show also really digs into the social issues of the time period, exploring how they affect women of all backgrounds and social strata. (It’s also almost guaranteed to make you cry on a weekly basis, so just know that going in.)

Given the fact that the show was renewed through its ninth season back in 2016 – which should start filming later this spring – this means that Call the Midwife is now confirmed to air through at least 2022. (The BBC also confirmed that a Christmas special will come along with each of the new full seasons.)

In short: That’s a lot of babies to deliver!

We’re very pleased to announce that two more series of #CallTheMidwife have been commissioned for @BBCOne! https://t.co/BcrRiV14SQ pic.twitter.com/kH6ANOLP7k

— BBC One (@BBCOne) March 3, 2019

This shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. Call the Midwife is a ratings smash for the BBC, with Season 8 clocking in as the corporation’s highest rating returning drama so far this year across all platforms. It’s heartwarming, tear-jerking stories are loved by fans everywhere, and the series has already proven that it’s more than capable of rotating cast members and new characters in and out as necessary.

Honestly, there’s no reason why the show couldn’t keep right on keeping on, well past the point through which it’s already set to run.

Even after all these years, it still feels as though Call the Midwife has more truth to tell, more tears to cry, more life to celebrate, and more love to give,” said Heidi Thomas, the series’ creator, writer and Executive Producer. “We are blessed with the best cast, crew, and audience a show could wish for, and I could not be more excited about our future.”

Call the Midwife Season 8 will kick off on PBS stations beginning Sunday, March 31.

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