BritBox Sets May Premiere Date for Climate Change-Focused Crime Drama 'After the Flood'

Sophie Rundle in "After the Flood"

Sophie Rundle in "After the Flood"

(Photo: Courtesy of BritBox)

BritBox has set a premiere date for After the Flood, a series that seems to be one part crime drama and one part climate cautionary tale. The six-part thriller is centered around a sudden flood that devastates a Yorkshire town and its complicated aftermath, in which the fallout from the environmental disaster literally muddies the water of a murder investigation. 

After the Flood stars Sophie Rundle (Gentleman Jack) as pregnant PC Joanna Marshall, who discovers an unidentified dead man in a car park as the devastating waters recede. But although most assume the body is another tragedy of the flood, Marshall can't shake the feeling that something isn't right. A feeling that's born out when it's revealed that the man died well before the flood hit. But what happened to him? That's what PC Marshall becomes determined to find out. 

The series marks Rundle's return to the world of police procedurals for the first time since her role in the first season of Happy Valley, and the story's unique focus on the long-tail impact of climate change certainly makes it a unique offering amongst the many crime dramas hitting our screens this spring. 

"Jo is a brilliantly bold, compelling protagonist," the actress said in a statement when the series was first announced. "The story is sharp, intriguing and articulate about the climate crisis and the impact on the communities it is directly affecting.

Here's the show's synopsis. 

After the Flood is a mystery thriller set in a town hit by a devastating flood. When an unidentified man is found dead in a lift in an underground car park, police assume he became trapped as the waters rose. As the investigation unfolds, PC Joanna Marshall becomes obsessed with discovering what happened to him and why? The mystery unfolds across the series while we also see the real impact of climate change on the lives of residents in this small town. The floods threaten to expose secrets, and fortunes and reputations are at stake. But how far will people go to protect themselves?

Alongside Rundle, After the Flood also stars Nicholas Gleaves (Silent Witness), Matt Stokoe (The Hunt for Raoul Moat), Lorraine Ashbourne (Sherwood), Tripti Tripuraneni (House of the Dragon), Jonas Armstrong (The Bay) and Philip Glenister (Steeltown Murders)

The series was created by Mick Ford (Stay Close), who wrote all six episodes, with Azhur Saleem (Doctor Who) directing. 

Juliet Charlesworth (Brassic) is the producer. Saleem and Charlesworth also executive produce, along with Nicola Shindler and Richard Fee for Quay Street Productions, Huw Kennair-Jones for ITV, and Reemah Sakaan and Stephen Nye for BritBox International.

The first two episodes of After the Flood will premiere on Monday, May 13, on BritBox, with two episodes dropping each subsequent Monday until the May 27 finale. 

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