BBC Adaptation of The Lady Vanishes to Air on Masterpiece This August

Tuppence Middleton and Tom Hughes (Photo: Courtesy of (C) Phil Fisk/BBC for MASTERPIECE)
Tuppence Middleton and Tom Hughes (Photo: Courtesy of (C) Phil Fisk/BBC for MASTERPIECE)
More good news for mystery fans this summer: BBC One’s recent one-off film The Lady Vanishes will be coming to Masterpiece Mystery in August. This 90 minute drama is a new adaptation of the classic thriller, made famous by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1938 film and based on Ethel Lina White’s classic 1936 novel The Wheel Spins.

In this version, The Spies of Warsaw’s Tuppence Middleton plays Iris Carr, a young socialite who suspects foul play after a woman she befriends on a train journey home disappears and her fellow passengers deny she ever existed. Upstairs DownstairsKeeley Hawes, MI-5’s Gemma Jones, Silk’s Tom Hughes and Doc Martin’s Stephanie Cole and Selina Cadell are all part of the all-star cast.

Watch the BBC trailer for The Lady Vanishes below: 

The Lady Vanishes will premiere on PBS stations nationwide in mid-August. Sound interesting? Do you think it can equal the Hitchcock version?

Note: As we get closer to this airdate, make sure you keep an eye on the schedule at your particular local station. As many stations are in a pledge period at this point in time, the actual date this film airs could shift a bit. For WETA viewers, we’ll keep you posted!  

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