'Baptiste' Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: "Vertrouwen"


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Last week's Baptiste ended with Stratton being taken by Constantine while Baptiste struggled with the discovery Niels is his son. This week's cold open, as usual, starts with none of that. Instead, there's a completely random (and paranoid) individual buying a whole lot of cheesy poufs while staring at the CCTV. When he gets home, his house has a basement with several locks on it. This week's episode is entitled "Vertrouwen," which is Dutch for "Trust." It should be "Vertrouw Niemand," or "Trust No One.

Constantine: When did people stop being honest?

With Natalie gone, Edward is little use to the Brigada Serbilu now, especially since Baptiste is on the trail to find them the money. Stratton tries to argue Baptiste will turn it into the cops. He can be useful as an informant, keeping tabs on the detective. Meanwhile, Genevieve is back with Lucas, the comatose man from her introduction last week, reading aloud to him. He is a victim of Constantine, and his condition is Genevieve's fault, at least according to his wife, who flips out when she shows up.  Distressed by the encounter, Genevieve tries again with Stratton. When he admits he has agreed to 24 hours to get the money back, she says she'll have him arrested for Natalie's murder if he doesn't cooperate with her.

Meanwhile, in the paternity drama no one asked for, Martha unsurprisingly has an excellent reason not to have told Baptiste about Niels. She'd found a better man, one who loved her. Rather than screw that up by telling the truth, Martha did the sensible thing. She insists he must not tell Niels the truth, even though they're working together. Baptiste says she should tell her son so that Niels can make a choice. But Martha has more significant issues. She's being shuffled out of the department, only three months left until an enforced retirement, and her drinking on the job is noticeable.

Niels does not think having Stratton along is a good idea, and is relieved when Baptiste sees Genevieve, making Stratton a liability. Stratton knows he can't fake what just happened, so he tells the truth Genevieve has compromised him. As Stratton moves to a new hotel with protection, Genevieve pushes at Martha for more officers for Stratton, much to Martha's irritation. Genevieve doesn't understand when Martha stopped caring about catching bad guys. Martha shrugs. She has three months left, why should she care?

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Baptiste and Niels are heading to the tulip farmer's place if that wasn't obvious. Herman answers the door and lets them in. He assumes they are there to take away Matty and begs to keep the kid, saying it was his mother's last wish, and Thijs is a terrible father. Herman's thunderstruck when Baptiste's next words are about the money. When Baptiste explains why they need it back, he becomes horrified and has to admit it was stolen from the car he bought on the way home. Herman insists it was hidden, but obviously not. He does note the handyman, Bram Visser (Tom Audenaert), was around the morning though and may have seen something.

Back at Kim's, Greg comes home, where she is waiting. She tells him about meeting Constantine at the farmer's market and confesses that she was once Dragomir Zelincu. Her anger at herself and the world was what drove her to work with the Brigada Serbilu. Greg had no idea she was trans and is genuinely shocked by the revelation, freaking out and running out the door. It's why she is alone when she gets a call from a desperate-sounding young woman asking for Kim's help, and it's why no one sees her murdered in the street on the way there.

Stratton goes to meet with Constantine, with a wire on his body and without the money. Constantine starts threatening him until Stratton writes a note "Europol is listening. I know what they have on you; I can help." Constantine responds by giving him a burner phone. Why Stratton thinks this is the smart play is beyond me. Genevieve sure isn't impressed, even as Stratton explains that Constantine would never open up on tape like that without a reason to trust Stratton. Good job, overthinker, making everything way more complicated.

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Bram Visser turns out to be the cheesy poufs man from the cold open, the one with the locked basement. Without Niels' handy police badge, Visser won't let Baptiste in, closing the door in his face. Baptiste calls Stratton for back up, but he can't come. Genevieve has him watched by her officers "for his safety." Left on his own, Baptiste waits until Visser steps out for more junk food, and breaks in, cutting the chains on the basement door. Downstairs he finds no trafficked girls. Instead, there's a security set-up, watching feeds from all over the town.

Baptiste realizes what a godsend this is. Visser has the entire town under surveillance, including the garage where Herman bought the car. The camera footage has the man who saw the bag of money, on the phone to his brother, screaming about the find. Visser knows everyone in the village; this is the town dentist, Jasper (Wim Danckaert). Baptiste leaves, giving Bisser a chance to dismantle his set up without police involvement. Martha helps him track down Jasper's whereabouts, which is naturally a strip club, spending the money like a fool.

One conversation dropping the name "Brigada Serbilu" gets Baptiste what's left of the cash. He calls up Stratton to get in touch with Constantine to get it back to him. It's an impressive trip across the roof that Stratton takes to get out of the hotel unseen by his police guards, but it works. He and Baptiste meet up on the street, only to find themselves blocked by a car on their way to the meeting. Baptiste gets out, only to realize Lina is the one blocking the road, and Stratton has just stolen his car and the money. Trust No One, dude.


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