Amazing Internet Things: Alan Rickman Makes the Most Dramatic Cup of Tea Ever

If I were to tell you that watching a seven minute video of Alan Rickman making a cup of tea is probably the coolest thing you will watch today, would you believe me?

Well, you should. Because it’s amazing. Why does this video exist? Where did it come from? I have no idea, but it’s brilliant. Set to that uber-dramatic music from the Inception trailer (you know what I’m talking about), it’s surprisingly not-boring, despite it’s length. What makes Alan so angry? What’s wrong with his tea? Why on earth is he using a tea bag, for heaven’s sake?

In short: This is the sort of awesome silliness the internet was made for.

Did you know that if you’ve seen the most recent series of Sherlock, you’ve seen this technique before? It’s done via a rather fabulous sounding piece of equipment called The Phantom Camera, and it’s also how they did the “Vatican Cameos!” sequence in Irene Adlers apartment during A Scandal in Belgravia. If you’re at all curious about how this process works, there’s a write up over at Sherlockology that’s worth a read.

But right now, I’ve a craving for tea.



Lacy Baugher

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