Acorn TV Will Bring 'Ms. Fisher's Modern Mysteries' Back for Season 2

Geraldine Hakewell as Peregrine Fisher is a bubbly 60s gal in Ms Fisher's Modern Mysteries

Geraldine Hakewell as Peregrine Fisher in Ms Fisher's Modern Mysteries

Acorn TV

Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteriesthe 1960s-set spinoff of popular period series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, will return for a second season, thanks to streaming platform Acorn TV. 

The first season of Ms. Fisher was a production of the Australian Seven Network, which Acorn TV licensed for U.S. audiences. (There, the title is emphasized as Ms. Fisher's MODern Murder Mysteries, so you know exactly what sort of period follow-up it is.) Now, according to Deadlinethe streaming service is stepping up to the plate to commission a second season of the show, in partnership with EveryCloud Productions and distributor All3Media International.  

Geraldine Hakewill stars as one Ms. Peregrine Fisher, the niece of the famous Phryne Fisher, who inherits her aunt's fortune when she goes missing and aims to become a world-class female detective in her own right. Season 1 was comprised of four feature-length episodes and saw Peregrine find her feet in the Adventuresses' Club that so loved her aunt, and prove her mettle to everyone. The series' second outing will see the younger Ms. Fisher "tackling her biggest case yet, while juggling romance with policeman James."

Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries is set to return with the incredible Geraldine Hakewill as the gorgeously reckless Peregine Fisher. The 1960's set-spin off from the creators of #MissFisher will start production for its second season in Fall 2020. Read:

— Every Cloud Productions (@EveryCloud_TV) July 29, 2020

Acorn TV will premiere the new season in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Australia in 2021. Seven Network, which originally commissioned the first season, will get the chance to broadcast it after its Acorn debut. 

The Miss Fisher brand has been quite successful for Acorn TV, which is currently the exclusive streaming home of both the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries series and its subsequent film, Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears. So Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries is a natural extension of this franchise for them and one that's apparently been well received. Don Klees, senior vice president of programming for the Acorn brands and AMC Networks SVOD, said that subscribers “loved” the first season, a fact which likely played no small part in their decision to keep the show going.

Are you looking forward to more adventures featuring Peregrine Fisher? What did you think of Season 1? Let's discuss in the comments. 

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