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Nick Scalera is Vice President of Digital Media at WETA, and occasional guest blogger/podcaster for Telly Visions. He is passionate about Arsenal Football Club, The Beatles, Call the Midwife and obscure New Zealand indie bands from the '80s.

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  • 114: Call the Midwife Season 11

    Published on:

    Nick Scalera stops by the podcast to join the ladies for a discussion about Call the Midwife Season 11, as the heartwarming series takes a dark and depressing turn. 

  • 91: Ted Lasso Season 2 Roundtable

    Published on:

    Noted soccer fan - and Telly Visions boss - Nick Scalera joins the ladies to break down the good, the bad, and the wildly ridiculous of Ted Lasso Season 2, from Ted's struggle with anxiety to the state of Roy and Keeley's romance and whether that whole Nate thing actually worked. 

  • 89: Call the Midwife Season 10 Premiere

    Published on:

    Nick Scalera joins the ladies to dig into the Call the Midwife Season 10 premiere, as life in Nonnatus House rolls into 1966 and the question of privatized health care is raised.

  • 79: Ted Lasso

    Published on:

    Nick Scalera joins the ladies this week to talk about Ted Lasso, the best and most delightful British-seeming but actually American comedy you're probably not watching. Football is life.
  • 21: Let's Discuss Call the Midwife Season 9

    Published on:

    The ladies dig into the ninth season of popular period drama "Call the Midwife" with special guest Nick Scalera, who happens to be a massive fan of the show, in addition to being Lacy's boss. Join us as we dish all the times we cried this year.