The 'Baptiste' Season 2 Trailer Sees The Detective Going Rogue

Tcheky Karyo as Julien Baptiste in 'Baptiste' Season 2
Tcheky Karyo as Julien Baptiste in 'Baptiste' Season 2 (Credit: Courtesy of © Two Brothers Pictures and all3media international)

Baptiste Season 1 ended on a down note. Though the detective solved the death of Natalie Rose, it was at the expense of his personal life. His life was already in turmoil, having only recently discovered he had a son by his old lover Martha Horchner, who raised Niels without his knowledge. But it got worse when Niels turned out to be the mole inside Interpol feeding the Romanian gang, the Brigada Serbilu, information from the inside. Upon being discovered, Niels took his mother hostage and then accidentally killed her. As Season 1 ended, he was put away for life.

Considering Baptiste hadn't wanted to get involved in the case in the first place, it might seem that his time helping Edward Stratton would be the last case before retirement. But Season 2 promises that Baptiste will be at it again, helping the British ambassador to Hungary, Emma Chambers, whose entire family has gone missing while on vacation. Fans had assumed this would be another case where Baptiste is roped in, despite his best efforts to retire. But the new trailer shows that it's the other way round. 

Instead, this is Baptiste riding to Chambers' rescue, despite everyone else involved wanting him to stay retired. Check out the trailer.

The synopsis for the new season is short and sweet: "When an ambassador's family goes missing, Julien Baptiste delves into the seedy underworld of Budapest to track them down."

Tchéky Karyo returns as Julien Baptiste for this final season of the series. It marks his fourth turn in the role, including two seasons of The Missing, which initially introduced him before Baptiste's first season. Anastasia Hille will also be back as his long-suffering wife, Celia. Also, Barbara Sarafian is slated to reappear as Martha, though that's probably either a flashback or a vision of some sort, and not a reveal the character isn't dead. Thus far, Boris Van Severen, who played Niels, is not listed to return, nor is Camille Schotte as Sara, Baptiste's recovering addict daughter, who has been a staple of his personal life along with Celia since The Missing's first season.

As was par for the course in The Missing, Baptiste Season 2 will introduce an all-new slate of characters who alternately work with and be exasperated by Baptiste's presence. The leading guest star this season is Fiona Shaw (Killing Eve) as Emma Chambers, alongside Stuart Campbell (Outlander) and Conrad Khan (Black Mirror) as her kidnapped twin sons, Alex and Will. Dorka Gryllus (SAS: Red Notice) plays Zsófia Arslan, who Baptiste will partner with from the Hungarian side of the investigation. Gabriella Hámori (Neandertaler) will guest star as right-wing politician Kamilla Agoston and Miklós Béres (Halo) is the show's shadowy possible kidnapper, Andras Just.

Baptiste Season 2 will premiere on Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021, at 10 p.m. ET on most local PBS stations. As always, check your local listings. All episodes of Baptiste Season 1 are available on PBS Passport.