Get Your First Look at the Second Season of Lockdown Comedy 'Staged'

(Photo: BBC)
(Photo: BBC)

A teaser for the second season of lockdown comedy Staged has arrived and though the clip is brief, it is just as charming and fun as anything we saw in Season 1.

The series which stars real-life friends and Good Omens co-stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen, sees the two play slightly exaggerated versions of themselves, who happen to be starring in a play together. But, given the restrictions and shutdowns due to the still-ongoing coronavirus pandemic - and the closures of all Broadway and most West End theaters - they're forced to get creative and attempt to hold rehearsals over Zoom. 

But most of what they end up discussing via video chat has nothing to do with the show, given how unmotivated and bored everyone generally is, with predictably hilarious results.

According to the BBC, the new season "sees the pair attempt to navigate their ‘new normal’ at home with their increasingly exasperated families whilst simultaneously trying to tackle the world of ‘virtual Hollywood’ and their ever more fragile egos."

Parks and Recreation star Ben Schwartz will be joining the cast for Staged's second outing, alongside Sheen and Tennant's real-life partners Georgia Tennant and Anna Lundberg.

Following on from the surprise appearances of Judi Dench and Samuel L Jackson in the first season, the second sees the regulars joined in their virtual hell by a whole host of unexpected guests. 

Watch the teaser for Staged's second season for yourselves - and prepare to be in awe of both Tennant and Sheen's epic lockdown hair.

The series returns to the BBC in early January, but though the first season was available on Hulu here in the U.S., there's no news yet about when we might expect to see Season 2 here. (Assuming that it once again does stream on Hulu, which seems like a fairly safe bet.) 

Are you looking forward to another outing of Staged? Let's discuss in the comments.