Filming is Under Way on 'Grantchester' Season 6

(Credit: Courtesy of Kudos/ITV/Masterpiece)
(Credit: Courtesy of Kudos/ITV/Masterpiece)

Despite coronavirus-related production delays, filming on the highly anticipated sixth season of Grantchester has officially begun

The Season 6 renewal was announced during an Instagram live chat held just prior to the show's U.S. finale broadcast back in July and filming was originally slated to begin in September. But production was only recently allowed to go ahead on the new installments, following general delays and shutdowns throughout the entertainment industry in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The production is adhering to Government COVID-19 guidance, including testing, temperature checks, and social distancing.

Though fans will surely be happy to learn that Grantchester filming has begun, the fact that it was pushed back into October likely means we won't see the sixth season until well into the Fall of 2021 at the earliest. (This is, as most viewers have likely already realized, quite a bit later than its usual summer schedule slot, and is a date that also counts on there being no more production shutdowns in the show's future. Thanks very much, global pandemic. Ugh. Fingers crossed.)

On the plus side, we now know a little bit about what Season 6 will involve. 

Both Robson Green and Tom Brittney are back as DI Geordie Keating and Reverend Will Davenport, and the series will resume in 1958. Tessa Peake-Jones returns as Mrs. C, Al Weaver as Leonard Finch, Kacey Ainsworth as Cathy Keating, Oliver Dimsdale as Daniel Marlowe, and Nick Brimble as Jack Chapman.

In the first episode of Season 6, Geordie, Cathy, Will, Leonard, and Mrs. C take a much-needed holiday together. (And don't we all have a dozen questions about how that comes about.) However, what sets out to be a fun-filled break for everyone at a holiday camp, is interrupted by a tragic death at the resort. Geordie and Will are left with no choice but to help out, as an investigation into the death begins. As events unfold on the trip, there will be serious repercussions for the rest of the series.

 “In these difficult times we are delighted to be able to film another series of our beloved Grantchester,"  Kudos Executive Producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd said in a statement. “The cast and crew have worked tirelessly to bring the series to the screen and we know the audience are very excited to see what Will, Geordie, and the Grantchester family have in store for them.”

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