Everything We Know About: 'Endeavour' Season 7

​(Credit: Courtesy of Jonathan Ford and Mammoth Screen/ITV Studios/MASTERPIECE)

Endeavour will be back in 2020 just in time to begin the 1970s. Here's what we know about Season 7.

There's good news all over for Endeavour, which saw the return of normality at the end of Season 6. The boys of the former Oxford City Police uncovered a ring of massive widespread corruption that was being run out of Thames Valley's Castlegate. After discovering that DCI Ronnie Box's bagman, DS Alan Jago, was running a heroin ring and paying most of his coworkers with it as grift money, the head of the division stepped down. In his place, the former head of Oxford City, Reginald Bright was promoted out of Traffic and into what will most likely be his final career position, overseeing Castlegate.

With Box having taken a bullet to take down Jago, the DCI position was open and offered to Fred Thursday, with Morse assigned as his bagman. Jim Strange finished up at Division HQ and joined the crew, while Dr. Max DeBryn stayed on as coroner. In short, everyone landed where they belonged, back in their old positions, just this time in a shiny new office.

Oh, and Morse took another step towards becoming the man fans knew and loved in 1988, as he moved into his oh so recognizable old (er, new) home. Now all he needs is a car.

That being said, even as Morse morphs into the character fans know in the 1980s and 1990s, actor Shaun Evans (who has never watched the original series) continues to forge his own path for the character, pulled from the material in the original novels.

But what will fans get when the show returns for Season 7?

Filming is planned to start in the fall of 2020, with a new season, most likely comprised of four episodes, set in 1970. As usual, there's little to go on, but creator Russell Lewis plans to hit up some of the significant events of the period. Most of the moments he flagged are things that occurred in 1971 and beyond, suggesting more than one future season is planned. But one of the most significant changes that happened in 1970 was the reduction of the "age of majority" from 21 to 18, something that would have an effect on law enforcement, as well as Joanie over at Welfare, especially when charging someone who only a few months prior would have been considered a minor. 

Other significant events? The Beatles broke up, for one thing, ending the biggest boy band the Boomer age ever saw, first with Paul leaving the band in April and then suing them to dissolve the partnership at year's end. The "Babes In The Wood " case was a countrywide mystery when the bodies of Susan Blatchford and Gary Hanlon (ages 11 and 12) were found buried in shallow graves in woodland at Waltham Abbey, Essex. Jimi Hendrix played the Isle of Wight festival only to die in London of an overdose a month later. Finally, Labour lost in a shocking upset in the general election to the Conservative party. 

As for whether Morse's mustaches will make it to the 1970s, only Evans knows at this time.

Fans can't wait to see what Endeavour Season 7 will tackle. The new season will most likely air in early 2020 on ITV followed by an expected summer run on PBS.