'Jamestown' Season 3 Will Come to America This June

The leading ladies of "Jamestown" (Photo: (Photo: Carnival Films Ltd 2019)
The leading ladies of "Jamestown" (Photo: (Photo: Carnival Films Ltd 2019)

It’s official: The third season of popular period drama Jamestown will come tio America this June!

All eight episodes of Season 3 will be available to stream beginning Sunday, June 16 at 12pm ET on WETA Passport, an online member benefit that provides users with access to an online library of public television programming. (Need more details or want to sign up? We got you.)

Jamestown focuses on the early days of the first British settlers as they embark on their lives in America. Set in 1619 as the first women arrived in the settlement, it tells the story of Verity, Jocelyn and Alice, three brides sent to start new lives in the new world. (A lot has gone on since then, however. You should probably spend some time with our episode recaps for Seasons 1 and 2 if you’re new or you need to catch up.)

The series’ third season will once again be comprised of eight episodes. Stars Naomi Battrick, Sophie Rundle, and Niamh Walsh are all returning, along with Max Beesley, Matt Stokoe, Kalani Queypo, Jason Flemyng, Dean Lennox Kelly and more.              

Get ready, it sounds like this trip back to the Virginia wilderness at the dawn of America will be even more dramatic than the series’ first two seasons. Or at least as though it’s going to try and tackle some bigger issues.

From the official synopsis:          

It’s boom time in Jamestown but success brings the scrutiny of the Crown and there are few in the settlement who have nothing to hide. Relations with the Native Americans offer hope and advancement for the settlers until greed for land and want of power corrupts those with influence. What ensues is devastating conflict; the fallout of which will shape the New World for centuries to come.

Season 2 introduced slavery to the colony and did its best to wrestle with the thorny issue of human bondage even as it frequently indulged in melodramatic, soapy plotlines. There’s little reason to believe Season 3 will be any different as it continues those plot threads and introduces increased conflict with the Native population.

(That’s not necessarily a bad thing, for the record. You should just know what you’re in for, as a viewer.)

Unfortunately, however, British channel Sky One has also announced that the third season of Jamestown will also be its last. (SNIFF.) Which is, of course, highly depressing news – because no matter how historically inaccurate this show may be, it’s just such darn fun to watch. My personal television landscape will definitely be less exciting without Jocelyn and Verity in it, just saying.

But, before we mourn, we still have another full season to watch, and several dangling storylines to deal with, including Silas’ sudden banishment to the Pamunkey tribe, Jocelyn’s new status as a plantation owner in her own right, and the fallout from Maria’s attempt to escape at the end of last season.

And, if the initial Season 3 promotional clips are anything to go by, it looks like justice may finally be coming for Governor Yardley. (Who is, you may remember, a Truly Awful and Disgusting Person.)

Watch the PBS trailer below:

The U.K. trailer for the third season is pretty similar to the American version, but has a bit of extra footage in it, for those who care about such things.

Shameless star Ben Batt is joining the cast of Season 3, playing an enigmatic trader by the name of Will Crabtree. It seems like a fair guess that he’ll have something to do with the escalating tensions with the Natives, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Are you looking forward to Jamestown Season 3? What would you like to see happen as the show wraps up? Let’s discuss in the comments.